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June 2015
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Vehicle Profile: 2015 Ford Focus
The worldís best-selling nameplate is perfectly fit for family use

The compact Ford Focus, on sale here at Ed Butts Ford in La Puente, California, delivers a perfect blend of practicality, efficiency, affordability, style and a fun-to-drive nature that few other vehicles can match. Families everywhere have enjoyed the virtues of the Focus, a big reason why it is a bestseller around the world.

Vehicle Profile: 2015 Ford F-150 Lineup
Americaís best-selling truck gets more smarts, more capability and a whole new look

With 32 years as Americaís best-selling vehicle and 37 consecutive years as Americaís best-selling truck, the Ford F-150 has long satisfied its owners with toughness, capability and dependability. Fully redesigned for 2015, the F-150, available now here at Ed Butts Ford in La Puente, California, is lighter, stronger and more capable than ever before.

Managing Summer Allergies
Try these tips to stave off summer allergies for good

Itís summer time and the living is easy ó unless of course, you have allergies. While allergies tend to creep up in spring, many people suffer from summer allergies as well due to things like ragweed or grass. In addition, summer air pollution can worsen your allergies. Plus insects like bees, wasps and fire ants might also cause allergies to act up when they sting or bite.

Road Trip Car Games
Never be bored in the car again!

Planning a road trip with the family? Summer vacations are the best ó but hours of traveling by car arenít always the most enjoyable. At least, not without some entertainment. But when the iPad battery dies or your child is tired of watching the same movie again and again, itís time to think of something new. And by new, we mean old-school road trip car games.

5 Great Places for Animal Lovers in Southern California
Spend some time with amazing wildlife in Southern California

Zoos, wildlife centers and aquariums are great places for spending quality time with your family, and they can be as educational as they are entertaining. So, if youíre looking for your next family trip, put one of these great Southern California attractions on your schedule:

Car Care: Cooling System
Stay cool this summer

Itís hot in Death Valley. The average high temperature in July is 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Nearly everyone will agree that the middle of a desert is no place to experience a problem with your carís cooling system, but neither is a busy downtown intersection. Whether youíre broiling in rush-hour stop-and-go or racking up the interstate highway miles, a cooling system failure will stop you in your tracks, yet most people donít give any day-to-day thought to the vital components that keep their carís engine running at the optimal temperature.

Ford Sets World Record for Biggest Hot Wheels Car Track Loop
Twelve-foot loop shattered past record on Take Your Child to Work Day

Near the end of April, Take Your Child to Work Day was observed at places of employment nationwide. At Ford, the children visiting their parents at Dearborn, Michiganís Research and Innovation Center spent the day playing with toys, learning about science and engineering, and breaking a world record while they were at it.

Ford Adding Four Innovative Career Academies in Detroit
Programs help students improve technical job skills focusing on science, technology, engineering and math

Ford Motor Company is expanding its goal to educate youngsters about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by adding four technical career academies in Detroit that will serve 1,400 students. The accelerated efforts in Detroit will join the already fast growing Powered by Ford STEM Academy network that Ford is forming to help train students for jobs in the 21st century.

Celebrate International Picnic Day
Tips for planning a delicious, effortless and fun picnic

International Picnic Day is coming up on June 18, so itís time to find your favorite blanket, clean out your cooler, and prepare to have the perfect picnic to celebrate with your family or friends. With the following tips, your picnic will be easy, delicious and comfortable.

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