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September 2016
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Vehicle Profile: 2016 Ford Edge
Midsize crossover offers generous interior space, sharp design and inspired performance

The popularity of the 2016 Ford Edge is easy to understand. The Edge has sedan-like handling, a comfortable five-passenger cabin, lots of great features, and an available Sport trim with all-wheel drive (AWD) and a powerful turbocharged V6 engine. Great value gives it even more appeal.

Vehicle Profile: 2016 Ford Focus Titanium
Popular compact sedans adds refinement and technology

The 2016 Ford Focus delivers sophistication, comfort, advanced technology and a fun-to-drive nature that's hard to match in the compact sedan segment, which is why it continues to be such a hit with drivers around the world.

Natural Ways to Protect Yourself Against Ticks
Tips for fending off natureís blood-sucking fiends

Exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful thing to do in the autumn, but it is a joy that brings with it the potential pain of ticks. Ticks lurk just off of trails and in fields, thriving on moisture and humidity and waiting for hosts to pass by.

5 TV Premieres to Catch This Fall
The best shows slated to debut during the upcoming season

Itís always hard to say goodbye to summer, but a quick look at the TV Guide should ease the pain. As usual, there are lots of television premieres set for this fall, from popular returning programs to new series making their big debut.

5 Places to Go Hiking in Southern California
A handful of SoCalís best spots for a hike

If you mention SoCal to someone, they are likely to conjure up images of hustle and bustle, clogged roadways and smog-choked airways and overwhelming urban vistas.

Car Care: Get Ready For Winter
Itís not too early

Itís time to start thinking about it. Winter. Even as we enjoy the onset of autumnís splendor, we know winter is not far behind. Is your vehicle ready? While the weather is pleasant, take a few minutes to do some simple checks.

Ford Teams Up with Jose Cuervo to Make Car Parts from Agave
Researchers testing properties of tequila byproduct for use making vehicle components

Sustainability is an important objective in the automotive industry. Scientists have succeeded in making automobile fuel from stalks of corn in order to save our earthís nonrenewable resources, and now theyíre trying something a little less conventionalóengineering car parts out of tequila, or its manufacturing processí byproducts, at least.

Ford-Donated Mustang Raises $295,000 for Early Aviation Education
Auction of "Ole YellerĒ benefits Experimental Aircraft Associationís youth programs

While Fordís engineered machines tend to stay on the ground, that doesnít mean Ford Motor Company isnít dedicated to supporting travel via other meansóthrough our skies, for example.

5 Tips to Make Homework Time Less Painful
Ways to make take-home assignments a little more bearable

Homework time in many households is a stressful part of the day. Kids donít want to think about school when they could be playing, but the work needs to be done so they donít fall behind in their classes. Take a look at these tips to help homework time become less of a fight in your household.

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