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June 2011
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Round of Golf at Greenbrier with Your Test Drive!
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Preview: BMW ActiveE
All-electric BMW coupe provides a tantalizing glimpse into the future of mobility.

BMW is about to push the limits of mobility even further with the introduction of the all-new BMW ActiveE. The BMW ActiveE is a fully electric automobile based on the BMW 1 Series coupe, and it represents the very first all-battery model to be sold by the German car company.
The BMW ActiveE is a natural extension of the EfficientDynamics program, which has been applied across the entire BMW lineup to lower overall fuel consumption and automobile emissions. In many ways, the BMW ActiveE represents the culmination of the EfficientDynamics effort: A zero-emissions vehicle that doesn’t compromise on the sporty, driver-first DNA that makes BMW cars and crossovers so appealing.
At the heart of the BMW ActiveE is a 170-hp electric motor that also produces 184 lb/ft of torque. The coupe can sprint to 60 mph from a standing start in just nine seconds, and it maintains much of the nimble handling and confident road manners of the standard, gasoline-powered 1 Series. The motor is coupled to a lithium-ion battery pack that provides a 100-mile driving range in all weather conditions, and BMW has also given the BMW ActiveE an ECO PRO mode, which configures vehicle systems to extend the car’s range as far as possible. As a further benefit, the BMW ActiveE features a fast-charge option that allows for 25 miles of driving after only one hour of plug-in time.
Inside, the BMW ActiveE further demonstrates why BMW calls it a “no compromise” vehicle. The automobile’s interior is a dead ringer for that of the more traditional 1 Series with no intrusions into the cockpit from the battery pack or any other aspect of the electric drivetrain. The vehicle’s trunk space is also perfectly maintained, which helps to make the BMW ActiveE a practical road trip option. Careful positioning of the car’s three energy storage packs, which take advantage of the space created by the absence of a fuel tank, driveshaft and engine block, helped to ensure this impressively spacious setup.
The BMW ActiveE’s gauge package and information displays keep drivers in tune with the status of the car’s systems. A special eDrive system combines with unique dashboard instruments that display energy use (both battery discharge and the charging provided by regenerative braking), an indicator that the vehicle is “on” and ready to be driven (to make up for the lack of engine noise) and the amount of energy remaining in the ActiveE’s battery array. More information is provided by a central display, which tracks vehicle range and provides a more involved depiction of the car’s energy management systems in action.
The BMW ActiveE makes for highly practical daily driving. As BMW points out, for all intents and purposes, the vehicle preserves everything about the BMW 1 Series that has made it such a popular choice among luxury car buyers. The BMW ActiveE is quieter than any other vehicle built by the company, it consumes absolutely no gasoline and it offers the same comfortable interior, driving dynamics, passenger safety and style that you’d expect from a German-engineered coupe.
Seven hundred BMW ActiveE electric cars will be made available in the United States over the course of the coming year. The vehicle represents not just the shape of things to come for BMW, but also a taste of what is just over the horizon in the automotive world. Contact us today for more information about the BMW ActiveE.


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