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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Issue 3   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3  

Karina Bradley featured on the Cover of AutoSuccess

AutoSuccess Magazine, the number one automotive trade publication specializing in highlighting successful people, industry technology, and leadership information to improve auto retail sales performance at dealerships, is featuring Karina Bradley, the Vice President of Dealer Synergy on the cover of their September issue and highlighting her amazing career and achievements in this business. This feature will reach a broad audience as AutoSuccess reaches over 100,000 readers on a monthly basis.
Since women are a major purchasing force, influencing directly or indirectly 85% of the vehicles purchased in this country, AutoSuccess Publisher Susan Givens wanted to highlight one of the women recognized for her achievements in sales training and consulting. Karina Bradley- Dealer Synergy

Susan said, “Karina Bradley is not only a certified FranklinCovey Trainer, an active member of the very selective National Speakers Association, member of the Women’s Automotive Association International, not to mention a contributing author of numerous industry articles but also part owner in Dealer Synergy, and owns companies in the training, technology, digital marketing, and entertainment business. These companies include Karina Bradley, Inc and Synergized Media. Additionally, Karina has brought attention to a number of issues facing women in the automotive retail arena.”

Susan continued, “Karina is a business development expert teaching multi-million dollar dealerships how to increase their profits in a very challenging economy. She knows how to make a point, listens to dealers and brings clarity to the marketing and training opportunities that are open to dealers and sales professionals in the business.”

Karina Bradley shared, “While women are making the majority of auto purchase decisions, recent surveys show less than 15% of dealership employees are women. These numbers are rising as managers in the stores recognize how effective women are in sales and management roles.”

Karina took over a year to achieve her certification in the FranklinCovey training program and she is one of the few automotive industry trainers and consultants that have these credentials. Being able to offer powerful courses like FranklinCovey and their “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Associates Program helps people focus on their priorities not only in their business roles but in their personal life too.  Karina also interacts with teams at some of the top dealerships in the country like Scott Robinson Honda, Peruzzi Toyota, Willis Honda, and Bill Dube Hyundai to name a few.

A recent Dealer Synergy success story was Team One Chevrolet in Charlotte, Michigan. Before Dealer Synergy they were delivering less than ten units a month. And in two months the Dealer Synergy team got them delivering 59 units out of their Internet Department! The Team One store is now #1 in their region! 

Read the interview on the Dealer Synergy Website

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Karina Bradley featured on the Cover of AutoSuccess

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