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Thursday, August 27, 2009 Issue 2   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2  

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How Well Do You Know Your Numbers?

Back to basics with Rick:  How well do you know your numbers? Know Your Web Stat Numbers

Every day I speak with dealers and internet managers who do not know their web site traffic numbers. With 80% who are consumed with day to day operations, the underlying problem becomes finding the time to identify the most important web site metrics from web analytics and traffic reports.
The importance of these fundamental metrics point directly toward traffic, measuring the efficiency of your site, and can serve as a catalyst to improve your web site’s performance.
5 Key Web Metrics:                                                                                Input Your Numbers?
Metric to Focus from web report
Per Month
Per Month
Unique Visitors:
Total Visitors:
Page Views:
Average Time Per Visit:
315 secs
5.25 min
% of Pages referred from
Search Engine Optimization:
980 pages
Why these 5 Metrics?
Unique Visitors: are 1 time visits – to serve as the base line of traffic.
Total Visitors: are repeat visits and point toward the user’s impression of your site.
Page Views: are a direct indicator of information gathered to generate call to action.
Average Time Per Visit: the longer the better, however closer inspection will be fruitful.
% of Pages from SEO: How traffic is finding your site? 85% begin at the search engines.
Got a pulse on your numbers?
Great having these metrics at your forethought will further your knowledge about what it takes to have an effective web site. Stay tuned as I delve further into your web sites effectiveness with call to actions, leads, conversions, and more.
Want a free in depth analysis web traffic and SEO analysis from Rick? 
About the author: Rick Chavoustie has 25 years retail automotive management at all levels from GM, GSM, to Director of Business Development. In 2005 he developed his first website with TKCarsites. Rick joined TK in 2007 focusing on People – Processes – and Tools to sell cars in today’s fast pace ecommerce environment.
Rick’s passion is focused on basics, integrity, and execution in the marketplace, not vendor hype. 
Rick’s email address is or call Rick at (585) 690-6055                      

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