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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Issue 1   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1  

How Twitter Search is Changing the Face of Automotive SEO

"Aren’t you supposed to be going after Google? Why are you spending so much effort on Twitter?"

When I tell them that Twitter is the future of search and the reason that Google has shown so much interest in buying them, they normally laugh. "What, are people going to search for ‘What’s JD Rucker doing right now?’"

With changes made yesterday to Twitter search, it appears that CNET, Mashable, and Techcrunch/Washington Post are finally starting to agree with me.

Twitter is going to start to index the links that are posted on their site in Tweets. This is a significant development in the world of search engine optmization as the need for real-timTK Carsites Web Designe data that Google and the other search engines have never been able to master will come to life in the world of Twitter.

Most believe that the interest shown by major companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook in buying Twitter has been a result of its exponentially-increasing popularity on the Internet and in mainstream media. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, and President Obama have made thousands of headlines with their exploits and uses of Twitter.

While the popularity is definitely a factor, the real value in Twitter is in the accumulation of limitless amounts of data. What’s hot? What’s the best for this or that? In essence, an advancement in Twitter search is positioning it to become a major player in the search engine marketplace.

What does this mean for Automotive SEO? If Twitter is able to pull this off either by itself or through partnership/acquisition by Google, Microsoft, or someone else interested in getting into the search market, they will become the most relevant source for data that people look for every day. It isn’t that they’ll become a replacement for Google. They will become a real-time source for information on what people need now.

For car dealers, this means that people may use Twitter search over other search engines when looking for a "Used Toyota Camry in Baltimore". Where Google can give decent results for this kind of search, they are not always current. If a dealer adds one to inventory today, chances are it won’t appear on the search engines front page very quickly.

On Twitter, it will appear seconds after it’s posted. Can you see why people will use it?

Now, the problem that car dealers will face is in getting their "word" out to the people. There will be an algorithm added to the Twitter search sometime in the future that will take into account several factors. Spam will overrun much of the Twitter results, so there will be a "Trust Rank" added similar to Google Page Rank that takes the source of the data into account. It won’t just be the link but also the linker as well. Otherwise, spam will rule the results and Twitter will fail.

Twitter and social media in general are hot items being sold to car dealers right now and nothing bugs me more than to see dealers paying good money for worthless services that do nothing to truly help them attain their goals.

This article was written by James Rucker of TK Carsites.  You can contact TK Carsites at 714-937-1239 and their website is


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