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August 2012
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American cars buy American.

American cars – buy American. Yes, you can be a BMW owner and buy American.
BMW is the largest automotive exporter in the United States!   Surprised?
All BMW X3, X5, and X6 models for the entire planet are made here in South Carolina. Over a quarter of a million BMW vehicles will be shipped out of the United States to markets around the world this year.
Is this important to Americans? You bet it is: Exports help reduce the American Trade Deficit. They provide thousand of quality jobs for American workers. These jobs are with BMW, and also with the multitude of companies that supply BMW both here in the United States, and in other countries where BMW builds cars also.
We have over 84 employees employed in service to BMW, and we are considered a small BMW dealer. There are over 360 BMW dealers in the United States providing jobs for thousands more American workers and families.
BMW Parts Distribution Centers – BMW employs thousands of Americans at parts distribution centers around the country. The biggest mother lode of BMW parts is right here in the Lehigh Valley! With just under one million sq. ft. of storage space, BMW Part Distribution Center in Nazareth , PA supplies parts across the United States and Caribbean Islands. All BMW Motorcycles and all Husqvarna Motorcycles are shipped from this location as well. It is one of the largest warehouses in the country. BMW supports the Lehigh Valley more than any other automotive manufacturer.
Times have changed, the cries for “Buy American” instill our national pride, but it’s becoming harder to differentiate what Buy American means. The big three that we all know, and which GM and Chrysler had to be bailed out often produce their products and components offshore in other countries as do BMW and other manufacturers. Still, BMW is the largest exporter. Want to buy American? Consider German engineering in American products. Pretty darn good combination.
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