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October 2015
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2016 BMW 7 Series
by Daniels BMW

2016 BMW 7 Series
The all-new BMW 7 Series reaches new altitudes in technology, comfort, and performance while integrating them seamlessly into a luxury experience for both drivers and passengers. Lease a well equipped 2016 BMW 740i Sedan for only $1,149 a month for 24 months.

Lease a 2015 BMW 328i xDrive Sedan for $359*/month for 36 months
Not all sports sedans are created equal.

Turning a fan base into a following is simply a matter of giving them something to believe in. After 40 years of innovation in performance, setting and raising the benchmark since its introduction, the new BMW 3 Series Sedan has done just that.

Lease a 2015 BMW 528i xDrive Sedan for $479*/month for 36 months

Blending classic luxury with dynamic handling, the 5 Series Sedan is a testament to BMW's mastery of style, performance, and innovation. With everything in perfect balance, it offers the best of every world.

Now on DriveLiveTV: The 2016 BMW X1

To say the 2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i is an overachiever would be an understatement. One test drive will quickly turn in to a thrill ride.

Vehicle Profile: 2016 BMW X4
New additions for the newest Sports Activity Coupe

BMW introduced the all-new X4 Sports Activity Coupe for 2015, and it has wasted no time adding enhancements and value for 2016. Melding the sport coupe style with added utility, the BMW X4 makes a style statement while offering two levels of turbocharged performance and throwing in a big dose of practicality.

Vehicle Profile: 2016 BMW M5
The ultimate sedan for road or track

The 2016 BMW M5 redefines the segment of true sports sedans with lap after lap performance and motorsport technology in a road car with power and precision. Twenty-five years later, the M5 is still the benchmark for the category.

5 Foods You Didn’t Know Contained So Much Sugar
Stay away from these five surprisingly sugar-laden foods

It’s no secret that the amount of sugar you consume affects your overall weight and belly size, but why exactly is that? Men’s Fitness Magazine reports that people who eat too much sugar usually take in more calories than they are able to exercise away–and it’s not just the obvious suspects such as soda and chocolate that cause people to pack on the pounds. There are many foods that people eat every day that contain more sugar than expected.

5 Comic Book Superheroes That Should Make It to the Big Screen Next
What should be the next comic book movie?

Comic book films have gone from a quaint little source of summer entertainment to a billion-dollar machine that has dominated cinemas and box office records for much of the past five years. Industry giants Marvel and DC have shown no sign of letting up: between now and 2020, there are no fewer than 30 different superhero films in the works, including sequels for mega-franchises like “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers” and first-time forays for characters including Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

2015 BMW i3
by Daniels BMW

2015 BMW i3
With its sustainable design and undeniable BMW agility, here's an EV that's bound to change the way you think about driving. Yours for only $309/month for 24 months.

BMW Certified Pre-Owned Offer

Click 'Full Story' for details.


Bringing back a 24 year old BMW 3 Series for scrapping?
by BMW

Bringing back a 24 year old BMW 3 Series for scrapping?
After the BMW 3 Series (E30) "Percy" was 24 years old and had 400,000KM (around 250,000mi) on the clock, its owner, Mike, decided to bring his beloved car back to the BMW headquarters for recycling. Will they take the long trip from Africa to Germany? And will the car be scrapped at the end? Have a look at this story.

BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheels and Tires
Preserve your BMW’s sporty handling, traction and superior performance through winter

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to outfit your vehicle with BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires, which provide better grip and handling, better braking and last longer than all-season tires in colder conditions. Plus, letting your all-season tires sit out the colder weather helps to extend their life, making up for the cost of a second set of tires over time.

Visit Lisbon, Portugal
Live in the lap of luxury in Portugal’s capital city

As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon attracts visitors from all over the globe who want to experience its colorful scenery, lively fado music and fresh seafood dishes. Much of the city was destroyed by a major earthquake in 1755, meaning that most of Lisbon’s buildings hold a more contemporary feel than you’d expect from a city that dates back to the Roman era. Today, Lisbon is a hotspot for tourism, and there are plenty of luxurious places at which to stay, visit or dine.

What to Expect When You Adopt a Dog
Prepare for a life with your new furry friend

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, so what better way to celebrate then by introducing a new furry friend into your life? The first few days of bringing home a new dog from the shelter are critical. As your dog adjusts to its new surroundings and learns what to expect from you, it’s important to know what to expect from your dog, too. Here are a few steps to keep in mind when you adopt a shelter dog.

BMW European Delivery Program
See Europe in a new BMW

When you opt for the BMW European Delivery program, you’ll discover Europe in a whole new way. No other vehicle purchase experience compares to accepting delivery of your new BMW at the BMW Welt in Munich. It’s a vacation and a new car all in one.

BMW Innovations
BMW keeps you comfortable, safe and even gives you night vision

The aspects of BMW that grab the most attention may be the award-winning performance and stunning physiques of its vehicles, but its innovative spirit is equally headline worthy. In fact, when it comes to cutting-edge technology, BMW is one of the most innovative automotive manufacturers in the world. It consistently stays at the front of the pack when it comes to all aspects of technology, from connecting drivers to social media to creating earth-friendly, low-emission vehicles.

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