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June 2015
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Be the boss of the automotive ruling class in BMWís X5 M.

Vehicle Profile: 2015 BMW 4 Series Convertible
Enjoy three cars in one

At first glance, the 2015 BMW 4 Series convertible gives you the benefits of two cars in one. When up, its retractable hardtop roof provides the snugness and security of a coupe, and the joy of top-down driving starts in just 20 seconds with the flip of a switch. But thereís yet a third kind of car lurking in the 4 Series convertible.

Vehicle Profile: BMW M6 Family
A 560 hp, track-tuned thrill ride

The M in the BMW M6 tells you all you need to know about its mission. The M stands for Motorsport, the division of BMW that develops the M vehicles. The M6, available in three distinct body styles, including Coupe, Convertible and four-door Gran Coupe, combines the driving feel of a track-bred sportscar with the refinement of a flagship grand tourer.

Managing Summer Allergies
Try these tips to stave off summer allergies for good

Itís summer time and the living is easy ó unless of course, you have allergies. While allergies tend to creep up in spring, many people suffer from summer allergies as well due to things like ragweed or grass. In addition, summer air pollution can worsen your allergies. Plus insects like bees, wasps and fire ants might also cause allergies to act up when they sting or bite.

Road Trip Car Games
Never be bored in the car again!

Planning a road trip with the family? Summer vacations are the best ó but hours of traveling by car arenít always the most enjoyable. At least, not without some entertainment. But when the iPad battery dies or your child is tired of watching the same movie again and again, itís time to think of something new. And by new, we mean old-school road trip car games.

BMW Certified Pre-Owned Offer

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BMW Summer Accessories
Stylish accessories for BMW drivers and their vehicles

The long, warm days of summer are here at last. Celebrate the season in style with distinctive and innovative accessories for BMW drivers and their vehicles at

BMW Clubs, Forums and Enthusiast Websites
Find others who share your enthusiasm for BMW

Drivers choose vehicles that match their lifestyle, personality and passions. BMW drivers are united by their love of the iconic power and beauty of the brand, and they have developed the BMW clubs as place to join together and meet other enthusiasts.

Inside BMW
The many facets of BMW excellence

Achieving the impeccable styling, luxurious finishes and unbeatable performance of a BMW doesnít happen by accident. Every component of these superior vehicles must be meticulously designed, tested and put together perfectly to create the ideal whole. So while the sleek exterior may make hearts flutter, what truly makes a BMW is whatís inside.

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