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Not all Aloe Vera is Good For You

Looking at the ingredient list in most store bought aloe vera gels, and you'll find things like drying alcohols, numbing drugs like lidocaine, and synthetic preservatives that can wreak havoc on your body.

Aloe is not necessarily a 'bad' culprit. However, with so many options that market 'pure aloe vera' it is important to read the labels for accuracy.  See where aloe vera falls on the ingredient listing; if it is not the first or second ingredient, it is probably not that high in pure aloe vera.  Applying an aloe vera gel may feel good; it is the drying alcohol as a coolant (and harmful for our skin), and a drug to numb the pain.  This type of aloe vera gel does not heal the skin; it justs cover up the pain from the sunburn.

What is the answer?  If you have an aloe vera plant, you are already on your way to skin healing benefits.  The gel in the leaf of the aloe plant is high in antioxidant benefits, thus helping to heal the skin from the free radicals affecting it from a sunburn.

What about cooling?  Aloe may not cool a sunburn, so look for a product like Daisy Blue After Sun Mist that contains skin cooling essential oils like peppermint and natural rose hydrosol to heal and cool the skin.

The best answer?  Sunscreen!  You may not feel or know you are sunburned until hours after sun exposure.  Be proactive, wear sunscreen, and reapply.


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Your Consultant
Joanna Bakken
Fall marks a time for change. Beautiful fall foliage is beginning to appear, kids are back to school, and summer is seeing its end.

New this Fall is our Honey Almond Body Oil & Body Lotion. We use locally sourced raw honey in both of these products! You can learn more about the benefits of using honey in skin care in this month's Chemist's Corner.

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We have many new and returning products happening this season.....stay tuned!

Thank you for being part of our natural community ~ making a difference in every life we touch!
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