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The Need for a Cohesive Business
by Bill Battaglia

The Need for a Cohesive Business
by Bill Battaglia


From my last posting “The ePonti Business Process” in the D-Tools Newsletter July 2008, I explained how the “Defining the Process” took some time, but it was well worth the effort based on our latest Case Study – e-home Increases Efficiency and Improves Inter-department Communication and Documentation Issues with ePonti.

Currently ePonti provides full integration to D-Tools SI creating an enterprise level control to your company’s day-to-day operations for management, purchasing, staging, scheduling, resource allocation, servicing, and links to your Accounting application.  ePonti is a role-based system ensuring that relevant information and knowledge always gets to the right users when they need it. We are enabling our customers to take their most important business information, and share it efficiently and easily with those who need access to it.

In ePonti, all the Project and Procurement information can be shared within the organization to multiple users based on permissions set up by the System Administrator.

The last article explains the various Processes from Proposal to Management, then on to Staging which leads to Installation and don’t forget Changes.  So, in the Proposal Stage your Team is hard at work utilizing the D-Tool SI application creating the best possible Design Proposal Presentation.  Now once your receive Customer approval you need to begin the Management of this Project.

This is where ePonti takes over; ePonti On-demand and D-Tools SI offer a powerful solution for Residential and Commercial Systems Integrators.  ePonti Project and Procurement Management solution seamlessly integrates with D-Tools SI.

·        Upload your D-Tools SI Project Information, Client Information, Product Data, Location, Hours, Phase and Pricing
·        Sync with your D-Tools SI Project File, ePonti logs any product changes made to D-Tools SI keeping all your information up to date
·        D-Tools SI Project drawings can be uploaded to ePonti, viewed and redlined through your browser
·        D-Tools SI data flows through ePonti and into your accounting system allowing you to manage and transfer Products, Employees, Vendors, Time Entries, Purchase Order Requests and Sales Orders

Prior to selecting ePonti, e-home was managing their project and procurement process through the creation of multiple program documents, emails and phone calls. The project teams were using D-Tools, Excel, Word, Outlook and QuickBooks for their estimating, planning and procurement needs, but there was a need for a structured, collaborative environment and a standard project and procurement management process. Team members would update themselves on project and procurement data with multiple communications. This was obviously quite cumbersome as team members found it difficult to keep up with the information that was updated. As a result, there was a lot of wasted time and inconsistencies in the project reporting and purchasing data.

With ePonti – to improve your efficiency, Procurement is handled once the Project Manager creates the Assignments from the uploaded D-Tools Project Items and generates a Request for Products matching the Items in the Work Order that was created at the same time of assigning.  As ePonti is web based, any authorized User in your company can access this data from anywhere – from Home, Starbucks, Onsite, or at the Office.

ePonti efficiently integrated two applications, D-Tools and QuickBooks and gave others in the company who did not have these programs access to this information. With ePonti, there is visibility into projects and procurement data that didn’t exist before. “Being able to see project information has impacted the company in a significant way,” says Jonas Buzzerio, partner at eHome. Before, project data was limited to users of D-Tools and QuickBooks separately – now, from a companywide perspective, all team members have access to the data they require to do their jobs. Gaining insight into different projects and activities is simple, allowing for increased communication and productivity.
Provided with ePonti is the connection to QuickBooks, Peachtree by Sage, and Microsoft Office Accounting Professional, providing access to transfer Sales Orders to Estimates, Purchase Order Request to Purchase Orders, Service Requests to Estimates, and Actual Time from Tasks and Journal Entries to Time Entries.

Value ePonti – the purpose of ePonti is to provide a more efficient process in your day-to-day operations.  You will notice some major improvement in communication, transfer of data from D-Tools SI to ePonti and onto Accounting without re-entry, and generally overall time savings.  Here are just a few from the Cast Study:

In Project Management:
“The e-home production department moved from e-mail work reports to ePonti web based reporting.  This change resulted in ½ hour per day saved in the administrative entry.  These work reports go directly into QuickBooks time entry along with their brief report descriptions which can be added to invoices with no manual entry.  Based on 240 days per year approximately $5,070.00 is saved in company time.”

In Procurement:
“With ePonti the Purchase order entry time is cut in half from the previous e-mail or PDF method removing the need for duplicate entry into the accounting and engineering systems.  Approximately 4 hours per week are saved at this time and roughly 75% of all orders are going through ePonti.  Estimated annual savings based on 48 weeks is $8,112.00.”

Conclusion ePonti – hopefully this has clarified my last article on “The ePonti Business Process” and the “Why” we developed this product.  Again, as always, I want to reiterate: This process may not be the “Right Fit” for your company but take it and run with or modify or improve it.  The main point I would like you to comprehend is that it is important to create your “Own” Business Process before you start looking at software to improve your business.  Software alone will not improve your business.  Take the time now to benefit from this for your future.

designecentral, inc. is a provider of value added services to system integrators in the residential and commercial custom installation industry.  Founded by industry veteran, Bill Battaglia, designecentral strives to automate recurring processes, primarily focusing on resource allocation and management, procurement and inventory management.  All of designecentral’s products and services are internet-based, enabling clients to access their information from anywhere.
For more information, please contact designecentral, inc. at or call 925.231.0288. 

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