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Monday, June 30, 2008 VOLUME 3 ISSUE 6  
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Helping Hand Award Recognizes Staff Members
Garcia, Calaluca, Ermigiotti, Hammond, and Holt Receive Award

Five Crow Canyon staff members were honored recently with the Helping Hand Award in recognition of their willingness to help out their fellow employees. Recent recipients were Gerald Garcia, Mark Calaluca, Paul Ermigiotti, Becky Hammond, and Alicia Holt. Each month, a deserving staff member is given the Helping Hand plaque to keep for one month before passing it on to the coworker of his or her choice.

In February, the Helping Hand plaque arrived at the desk of Gerald Garcia, Crow Canyon’s information services desk support technician. In the one-and-a-half years since Gerald has been at Crow Canyon, he has come to the rescue of Crow Canyon staff members and their computers countless times—always with a patient attitude and helpful instructions. Gerald grew up in Silverton, Colorado, a town many tourists know as the end of the line for the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Gerald graduated from San Juan Basin Technical College in Mancos, Colorado.

In March, Gerald passed the plaque on to groundskeeper Mark Calaluca, a second-time recipient. Mark has since left Crow Canyon to pursue adventures in another part of the country.

Mark turned the Helping Hand plaque over to Paul Ermigiotti, a long-time educator at Crow Canyon who began teaching at the Center in 1990. Paul is a gifted teacher with an in-depth, well-researched knowledge of archaeology and a special interest in pottery and ancient farming techniques. He is also a talented potter with a specialization in ancient Pueblo black-on-white pottery replication using local materials and techniques believed to have been used by ancient potters. Paul created a replica of Crow Canyon’s “logo bowl,” which can be seen in the Gates building lobby at the Center. Paul holds a B.A. in anthropology from Penn State.

After a month, Paul passed the Helping Hand plaque to Becky Hammond, another long-term member of the Crow Canyon education staff. Becky has worked at the Center since 1998 and is recognized for her ability to connect with her students—children have been known to leave Becky with hugs and tears when it’s time to go home. Becky is a member of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and serves on Crow Canyon’s Native American Advisory Group. She is a strong voice for the accurate representation of American Indian customs and beliefs at Crow Canyon. She holds an associate’s degree in fine arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts.

In June, Becky placed the Helping Hand plaque in the capable hands of Alicia Holt, Crow Canyon’s development coordinator. Although Alicia has worked at Crow Canyon for only 10 months, she has proven to be an inexhaustible and energetic member of Crow Canyon’s development team. She juggles a multitude of tasks daily, including gift recording, reporting, and processing, as well as supporting and coordinating fund-raising activities. Alicia holds a degree in history from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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