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Wednesday, September 29, 2010 Social Media and Public Employees   Volume 6 Issue 9  
Social Media, the First Amendment, and Public Employees
The Anatomy of a CPPA Graduate Assistant
Good Ideas: Raising Environmental Awareness through Art
A Fear-Based Workplace
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Social Media 1st Amendment
August 25, 2010
Nonprofit Glass Ceilings
July 28, 2010
City Budgets, Social Media Demographics
June 30, 2010
Tobacco Tax, Social Media
May 26, 2010
Legislative Wrap-Up, Crowdsourcing
April 28, 2010

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Social Media, the First Amendment, and Public Employees
by Megan Crowley, CPPA

Federal, state, and local government organizations embraced social media as a means to generate citizen engagement. But how does social media relate to constitutional freedom of speech for public employees?
The Anatomy of a CPPA Graduate Assistant

Each autumn, we have the opportunity to select several new graduate assistants to work at CPPA throughout the school year. This year, we have five very smart, energetic and talented students who you may get to know through CPPA projects or in articles here in Policy Perspectives. We thought we’d share some information about these up-and-coming public experts.

Good Ideas: Raising Environmental Awareness through Art
by Hillary Galvin, CPPA Graduate Assistant

This month’s Good Idea looks at San Francisco’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program which was developed by Recology, a waste management company that emphasizes resource protection and conservation. AIR is an innovative, one of a kind program designed to create and display art from the city’s waste management facility while educating the public about the benefits of recycling.
A Fear-Based Workplace
by Ken Embley, CPPA

A colleague of mine called my attention to an article published in the July Bloomberg Businessweek® by Liz Ryan. The article, Ten Signs You Work in a Fear-Based Workplace, is making quite a splash on the internet (Google the title to see what I mean). Now, I honestly do not know if there is supportive research to legitimize the Ten Signs but 40 years of practice tells me if you can find these signs in the workplace—there is danger—pay attention and be prepared to take action!
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