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Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Nonprofit Glass Ceilings   Volume 6 Issue 7  
The Glass Ceiling of Nonprofits: A Review of Gender Inequality in U.S. Nonprofit Organization Executives
CPPA Welcomes Chris Simon
Illuminating Mushrooms
Good Ideas: Shakespeare in the Courts
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The Glass Ceiling of Nonprofits: A Review of Gender Inequality in U.S. Nonprofit Organization Executives
by Jennifer T. Nozawa, MPA

Recruiting and hiring qualified chief executive officers is a time-consuming and difficult challenge for any nonprofit organization. In 2009, in the wake of controversy and scandal surrounding the excessive compensation of a few nonprofit executives, the IRS released a significantly updated Form 990, probing into the compensation practices of these organizations. Now, therefore, is an opportune time to examine inequity in the hiring and compensation of nonprofit CEOs; more specifically, it is the perfect opportunity to explore the glass ceiling of nonprofits.
CPPA Welcomes Chris Simon
CPPA is excited to welcome Prof. Christopher Simon as the new Director of the Master in Public Administration Program at the University of Utah. Prof. Simon will build on the MPA program’s strong national reputation for producing alumni in all fields of public and nonprofit administration.
Illuminating Mushrooms
by Tricia Baker, CPPA

Several years ago, my two-day middle management class on performance management passed by, hum-de-dum, as these things do. It was a good class, but I don’t remember much about it now other than this one statement from the trainer: “Performance problems are like mushrooms. They grow in the dark.” I remember the pregnant pause as this statement was made, and then the slow nods, and the realization that the statement was true.
Good Ideas: Shakespeare in the Courts
by Sara McCormick, CPPA

Citizens want our juvenile justice system to help their juvenile offenders stop their criminal behavior and become responsible and productive citizens. One way the Utah justice system works to accomplish this is by having juvenile offenders perform community service.
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