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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Redistricting, Voter Turnout   Volume 5 Issue 6  
Redistricting Laws and Procedures
Increasing Voter Turnout
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Good Boss—Good Umpire
Database of Property Tax Information
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Redistricting Laws and Procedures
by Jennifer Robinson, Associate Director, CPPA

The 2010 Census is less than a year away, and that means states are preparing for the challenging legislative redistricting process. It’s a process that occurs every ten years shortly after the release of the new census data. While most states rely upon the legislature to re-draw the state legislative district lines, a number of states use alternatives such as commissions. Read more about the alternatives for legislative redistricting.
Increasing Voter Turnout
by Thad Hall, Ph.D., The University of Utah

The state of Utah has historically been a state where voter turnout has been relatively high, compared to the national average. However, over the last two decades, turnout in Utah in federal elections has declined relative to national turnout. There are two issues associated with low voter turnout in Utah. What are they? Find the answers in our article.
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Good Boss—Good Umpire
First of a two-part article about decision making
by Ken Embley, CPPA

During tough times, people come to realize how a good boss is one who can make a quick decision, under pressure, without partisanship, and in the face of extreme unpopularity. Perhaps, no one does all those things more often than an umpire does.

USA Today management reporter Del Jones interviewed Randy Marsh, a long-time major league umpire who has some words of wisdom for a decision-making boss. The article got me thinking about my fifteen hundred plus games as an umpire—and of course—decision making.

Database of Property Tax Information
by Sara McCormick, CPPA

In this monthly column, CPPA takes a look at new initiatives and ideas from around the nation and the world. This month's idea: A Database of Property Tax Information.
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