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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Economy, Twitter   Volume 5 Issue 2  
This Too Shall Pass
How Bad is the Economy, Really?
What is Government Twittering About?
Utah’s Short and Mid-term Economic Outlook:
The Making of a Leader
Innovative Notification Systems
Disability Studies Forum, March 11-12
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This Too Shall Pass
A personal reflection on economic fluctuations
by Natalie Gochnour, COO, Salt Lake Chamber

King Solomon was feeling blue and asked one of his advisors for help. The King had dreamed about a silver ring that would quell his suffering. You see, during the good times the King worried that his joy would not last; in the bad times, he feared his sorrows would continue forever. He longed for a calm, steady stability.
How Bad is the Economy, Really?
An Historical Look at Utah, the US and Recessions
by Janice Houston, Sr. Policy Analyst, CPPA

The economic downturn is topic number one among the media, policymakers and much of the general public. As the numbers contained in reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on job losses and the rising unemployment rate are discussed at length among these groups, there is very little effort to put the current downturn into a historical perspective. This article reviews national and state level data on jobs, unemployment, housing, and consumer sentiment to provide some perspective on these figures and what they mean for Utah.
What is Government Twittering About?
by Megan Crowley, Technologist, CPPA

Twitter is a rapidly growing social web technology that is gaining incredible uptake from the government sector. An elegantly simple design, Twitter functions by creating connections and then asking just one question: “What are you doing?” Although this may seem like a very personal question to ask a government entity, the answer to that question can be very informative. For example, a government employee or entity may post a link to a new service offering, talk about a new initiative they are working on, or announce an important event. This information sharing assists in attaining citizen participation and government transparency.
Utah’s Short and Mid-term Economic Outlook:
Reasons to be Cheerful
by Tricia Jack, Research Associate, CPPA

The current economy makes most of us nervous, and there are real threats that we see happening around us all the time: job losses, business closures, and budget cuts. However, even in these difficult economic times, positive things can happen and there are chances for companies to thrive. At February’s meeting of the Utah Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA), top economic development experts from the state discussed Utah’s short and medium-term economic outlook. While all of them acknowledged the difficulties, they also pointed out some of the positive things happening in Utah.
The Making of a Leader
by Ken Embley, CPPA

President Obama’s journey to the White House began nearly two years ago and on inauguration day, countless numbers here and abroad gathered to celebrate. For many, “The audacity of hope,” and “Yes we can,” transformed from slogan to values and action. Headlines throughout the world proclaim, “Hope turns to action,” “A new era of responsibility,” “Citing U.S. values, Obama will close Gitmo,” “Inaugural inspires,” “Poll: Country’s optimism swells as Obama takes oath.”
Innovative Notification Systems
by Sara McCormick, Research Associate,CPPA

In this monthly column, CPPA takes a look at new initiatives and ideas from around the nation and the world. This month's idea: Innovative Notification Systems.
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