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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 Primary Elections, Miage, Pinpointing Crime   Volume 4 Issue 2  
Was it a Super-Duper Tuesday?
Globally Inclined
Perspectives on Power
Pinpointing Crime in our Communities
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Was it a Super-Duper Tuesday?
by Jennifer Robinson, MPA, CPPA Research Associate

February 5th was supposed to be a Super-Duper day for presidential candidates. For some it was the beginning of the end of their campaign, for others it was a big boost.
Globally Inclined
Introducing the new Master of Science in International Affairs & Global Enterprise degree

The University of Utah recently announced a new graduate degree program in international affairs and global enterprise. The only one of its kind in the nation, the Master of Science in International Affairs & Global Enterprise (MIAGE) seeks to provide students with essential knowledge in business, law and socio-economic studies.
Perspectives on Power
by Tricia Jack, MPA, CPPA Research Associate

Last month when an almost-stranger I had met at a social event asked me for a ride to a place that was quite out of my way, I was a little irritated. I hardly knew this person and was quite hesitant to meet their request. The irony is that if this had been a friend or family member I would have thought nothing of driving out of my way to help them; in fact I would have been happy to help. On my way back from the unwanted journey (in the snow, I might add), I began to think about how it is that friends and family have this power over us and how this relates to leadership.
Pinpointing Crime in our Communities
by David Patton, Ph.D., CPPA Director

David Patton, CPPA's director takes a look at new initiatives and ideas from around the nation and the world. This month's idea: pinpointing crime.

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