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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 Social Media 1st Amendment   Volume 6 Issue 8  
Social Media, the First Amendment, and Citizens
The BIG One: Interagency Collaboration Before, During, and After an Emergency
Statewide Graduate School Fairs
To be Liked or not to be Liked? That is the Question!
Good Ideas: Making Education Relevant
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Nonprofit Glass Ceilings
July 28, 2010
City Budgets, Social Media Demographics
June 30, 2010
Tobacco Tax, Social Media
May 26, 2010
Legislative Wrap-Up, Crowdsourcing
April 28, 2010
State Retirement, Western States Budgets
March 31, 2010

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The BIG One: Interagency Collaboration Before, During, and After an Emergency
Utah Intergovernmental Rountable Annual Summit

September 30, 2010
8:00 am to 1:30 pm
Salt Lake Downtown Hilton

UIR's 2010 Summit will focus on the lessons learned from past catastrophic events and the implications of these lessons for collaboration between government agencies, and with local businesses. The goal will be to increase the knowledge of government agencies on the importance of interagency coordination prior to and during a crisis to ensure the best outcome possible. If you are a public leader who would need to respond in a time of emergency, join local and national experts for a lively discussion.

To get more information and to register, go to:


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