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Women’s Health in Utah
Special Supplement Report Released
by Angela Stefaniak, CPPA Program Manager

In June 2007, The University of Utah's National Center of Excellence in Women's Health Demonstration Project, in collaboration with the Utah State Department of Health, produced a comprehensive report detailing womenÕs health issues in Utah.

Utah's Health: An Annual Review: Special Supplement on Women's Health in Utah provides a collection of current data on some of the most vital health challenges facing women and their families today. Did you know:

  • Heart disease is the number one killer of women in Utah and around the world?
  • Utah's cervical cancer rates are lower than the collective United States rate?
  • 11% of Utah women ages 65-74 reported experiencing seven or more poor mental health days in the past month compared to 3.5% of Utah men in the same age group?

This is just a sample of data you will find in the Women's Health supplement. Other topics include cancer, reproductive health, obesity,smoking and diabetes. Additional features include research and reviews on headaches and sexual abuse in women, labor induction trends, and periodontal disease and the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes.

The report provides a basis for further examination, research and assessment of women's health in Utah. "Health disparities can only be remedied if they are recognized. This report provides information to help track the health behaviors, risk factors, and health care utilization practices of women in Utah", writes Dr. David Sundwall, executive director of the Utah Department of Health.

The editorial board and contributors include an interdisciplinary group of personnel from the Utah Department of Health,interested advocates in women's health, faculty, students and researchers from The University of Utah, including members of the CPPA staff.

To view the entire report please visit The University of Utah's National Center of Excellence in Women's Health Demonstration Project's website


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