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Announcing the New Criterion Referenced Tests Reporting System
from the Center for Public Policy & Administration and Utah Foundation

What are Criterion Referenced Tests?
As part of the Utah Core Assessment Program, and the UPASS program, Criterion Referenced Tests (CRT) consist of end-of-year and/or end-of-course examinations in language arts, mathematics, reading, and science, for grades k-12. Participation in these examinations is required. Student results are categorized by various levels of proficiency, and schools measure their success in part by counting how many students score at high proficiency levels on these exams.

What is the CRT Reporting System?
CPPA, in partnership with Utah Foundation, has developed a system that reports CRT results for each school and for each test. This system allows a user to drill down to any school in the state and view results for any of the tested subjects. The results show how many students scored at each proficiency level, with analysis of how students scored on each of the concepts that factor into that test. The test results are compared to statewide averages to provide an indication of how well each school performs. Student characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, and special education status, are also analyzed and compared against statewide averages.

Due to privacy issues, the system does not report results where the number of students is less than 10. The current data is from 2003 test scores. We will update the CRT Reporting System as new yearly data becomes available to CPPA from the Utah State Office of Education.

See instructions on how to use the system

Go to the CRT Reporting System


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