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Foods You’ve Probably Been Cutting Wrong Your Whole Life
You’ve prepared all of these foods before, but you’ve probably never prepared them like this

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time preparing meals or entertaining guests, then you’ve likely had to serve cake and ice cream or prepare a dish that includes onions or tomatoes. Yet, for all the times you’ve prepared these foods, you have probably never cut them in the most efficient and painless way possible. Here are five foods that you’ve probably been cutting wrong your whole life, and the ways that you should cut them henceforth:


It’s not terribly unreasonable to assume that you’ve been cutting cakes with a knife. Whether it’s dividing a sheet cake into squares or a round cake into eighths, the go-to tool is almost certainly a knife. This almost always results in a large amount of icing collecting on the blade, easily leaving a once-beautiful cake looking misshapen. The tool that you’ve been missing in cutting cake is the same that you use to clean your teeth when you are done eating. Using a string of dental floss, you can cut cakes the way that professional cheese-cutters use wire to divide large blocks of cheese. Dental floss pulled taught cuts soft cake as well as any knife, and it won’t result in the unsightly loss of icing.

Ice cream

Removing ice cream from a carton with an ice cream scoop may seem to be the only way to go, but when ice cream is fresh out of the freezer, it can be difficult to do without a great amount of effort. This can be problematic when you have a lot of people demanding ice cream on a hot day. If you have a party and you need to serve fresh ice cream to a large number of guests, you might actually be best served using a sharp knife. If you pull a carton of ice cream directly out of the freezer, you can use a knife to cut it in half. From there, you can remove the carton and will be left with two halves of solid ice cream. Use the knife again to cut the ice cream into smaller portions and place the chunks into bowls.


There are a hundred different ways to cut an onion, but there’s really only one right way to dice them. The first step is cutting off the top at either end, followed by chopping the onion in half down the middle. This allows the outer skin to be peeled off in one fell swoop and quickens the process exponentially. With the onion lying flat-side down, make three or four horizontal cuts through the top of the onion, and then make vertical cuts over the round side of the onion. By doing this, you will need only cut against the vertical cuts to have a finely diced onion.

Cherry tomatoes

Cutting cherry tomatoes more often than not seems like an unnecessarily messy process. Tomatoes seem on the verge of bursting, and even the slightest over-application of pressure can send seeds flying everywhere. Given the proclivity for messiness and the fact that you have to cut them individually, preparing cherry tomatoes can be a frustrating endeavor. The best way to quicken the process is to take a small handful of cherry tomatoes and press them between the bottoms of two plates. Applying enough pressure to hold the plates in place, take a kitchen knife and cut in between the plates. There may still be a few stray seeds that shoot out, but it will be a much faster task, giving you that little extra time to clean up.

Hot dogs

You probably know that if you are grilling hot dogs or bratwursts, it’s a good idea to poke a few holes through the flesh with a fork to expedite the cooking process. If puncturing the hot dog is the best way to ensure that it is thoroughly cooked, then it stands to reason that cutting it open even more will help improve the quality of the meat. To cook hot dogs completely and quickly, try spiral-cutting them; they’ll not only cook better, but they’ll also be easier to dress and eat.


Cutting through the tough skin of an avocado can be difficult enough in and of itself, but you also have the fruit’s large pit to contend with in the middle. The best way to cut an avocado begins with cutting it down the middle from the top. You will need to cut around the pit, and when you pull it apart, it should be stuck in one side of the fruit. You can either remove the pit with the knife or with a spoon, the latter of which you will need to remove the edible part of the fruit from the shell. Scoop the avocado out with the spoon, and it will likely retain its shape and should be primed for cutting or mashing.

By using these tips, you’ll never have to fret when preparing these foods again. These simple and effective suggestions will significantly cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen, meaning that you can spend more time entertaining your guests.

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