August 2014  
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Chandelier Makeover Ideas
Use imagination to make over your fixture

A chandelier can dress up just about any room with elegance and light. It can be a focal point, and when you redecorate your room, the question becomes, "What do I do with the chandelier?"
No, you don't have to spend money on a new fixture. Here are several ideas to make over your chandelier so everyone will think it is brand new.
Spray paint
This is the first thing people think of when they want to change the look of their fixture. And it's a good thought. A can of spray paint can do a lot to make over a chandelier. For example, a brass-colored fixture could be painted a silver color for a change. It can be painted any color you want and will end up looking brand new for much less money.
Depending on the old color versus the new one, a coat of primer may be in order before you paint over the new color.
If you want something less messy than paint, consider swapping out the shades covering the chandelier's bulbs. It's a simple change, but one that is equally effective in changing the look. You can find shades at home improvement stores. Take in the current shade to help you choose one of a similar size.
If your chandelier has never had shades, you can add them for a new style. Be sure to take the bulb in with you when you shop for the shades so you can find something that fits and is complementary.
Bump up the elegance of your chandelier by adding strings of beads to it. Again, you can repaint it and add beads, or just add beads that match or complement the fixture's current color. Go to your local craft store to find the beads and also the wire to string them on. Mark on the interior of the fixture where you will drill holes to loop the bead wire in. You can fasten the string in on both ends by making a knot in the end of the wire. You can also wrap the bead wire around the arms of the chandelier for a distinctive change.
A very simple change is to swap out the type of bulb used in the chandelier. Bulbs come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Replace a candle-shaped bulb with a round bulb, for example.
Glass sheets
If your chandelier has glass sheets surrounding it, you can use them to change the look by painting them. A light gray or a light version of any color will give the fixture a new look. Once it dries, if you want to be even more artistic, take a narrow brush and paint on a design in another color.
There are many ways to renovate a chandelier that won't empty your pocketbook. But it will change the look of what could be your room's focal point as well as a source of light.
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