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June 2010
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Parts & Accessories Special
Employment Opportunities
Sanford Dragway from back in the day
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Sanford Dragway from back in the day
by Pontiac Slim

My dear old dad started taking me to the Sanford Drags when I was in middle school.. we went at least once a year.. It was awesome!.. By high school age the guys would all get together and car pool down.. maybe twice a season.. It was alwaz a great time!
In the year 1967 I was out of school, working at the shipyard and bought a new 67 Pontiac Tempest. I had met this gal and asked her if she'd like to go to the races at Sanford. Now just how could anyone refuse that offer! A new car... Sanford Dragway... and being with Mr Cool hizself!
Anyhow.. we went.. as I recall it waz a beautiful day... lot and lots of race cars etc... We got there late morning and waz walking around checking things out and heard the announcement that if anyone wanted to race the tech line was still open with no waiting... Hmmm I guess I got caught up in the moment as we bailed out to the parking lot and drove over to the tech line!.. OK... That went well and then on to the pits. So now what... maybe a time trial ? Ya!
I recall pulling to the line  with no clue ( still debatable) and the guy told me what to do and guided me into the lights. I can still see the blue GTO in the other lane wizzing by me big time! But what a rush!
I made a few more runs that were uneventful and I managed to stay fairly calm.... They then shut things down for a bit and the real deal racing b-gan! I heard my class being called to lane whatever so off I went (no bracket racing then, all classes)
I had one pic left in my camera and told the girl to try and get a pic. on the starting line....
Well... I made my run... got beat... but when I picked up my time card the guy said to bring it over to the trophy table... Holy smokes! I got a trophy!  It seems the three other cars in my class got in the wrong lane or something along those lines...They were DQ and I won!  WOW !!!
I waz told to listen for the Stock Elm. call... but an altered car had crashed and there was a big shut down to clean everything up and I missed the call to the staging lanes.. and the rest is history. 
But.. it really didn't matter.. I drag raced at a track for the 1st time... sorta won....I waz on cloud nine that day... Oh ya, the gal, we got married a few years later, been 40 yrs in May...Waz her lucky day as well !
The Sanford Dragway Reunion was fun but warm... 1st time back since that day in 19 and 67.
Pontiac Slim
"Keep in mind that excellence is not actually a skill, its more like an attitude"

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