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June 2012
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Vehicle Details: The 2012 Volvo XC60 Safety
Just the right size, always looking out for you.

The 2012 Volvo XC60 is a premium European crossover that has the sporty reflexes, distinctive style, manageable size and luxurious outfitting that you'd expect to find in premium utility vehicle. A state-of-the art collection of safety technology and equipment is also what you'd expect to find in any vehicle wearing the Volvo badge on the grille, and the 2012 XC60 is packed from the wheels to the roof with Volvo-exclusive features.
It all starts with a body shell that's strong, to give the suspension a stout foundation, which enhances control and responsiveness. The front structure of the XC60 body mixes several grades of steel throughout its distinct deformation zones. These zones absorb and redirect crash energy for enhanced protection in a frontal collision. The sides of the XC60 body shell also use different grades of steel, along with extra tubes and frame members, as part of the Volvo Side Impact Protection System that absorbs crash forces from the side and keeps the passenger compartment safe.
Volvo vehicles have long been family standouts in both function and safety, and pedigree is apparent in the XC60, which excels at carrying your brood. The rear seat of the 2012 Volvo XC60 (MSRP $33,300) features available integral child booster cushions that have two height levels, allowing children to see out of the vehicle while also positioning them properly for effective protection should a collision occur. The integrated booster cushions are available for the outboard seating positions inthe second row, and can accommodate a wide range of weights and heights thanks to the two-step design of the cushion.
The XC60 takes exceptional care of the people inside, and it also looks out for parties outside. Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake, a Volvo exclusive, uses sensors to monitor for pedestrians who may step in front of the vehicle. The system will sound an audible warning to the driver, and if a response is not made in time, full braking power is automatically deployed to help avoid a collision.
With so many accidents taking place during crowded city driving, the XC60 has been equipped with the City Safety system. When you are traveling at 19 mph or less, City Safety senses the speed of vehicles ahead and calculates the closing speed. If traffic ahead is stopped or moving more slowly, the system will warn drivers of imminent danger while there's still enough time to apply the brakes and avoid a rear-end crash, and City Safety will also automatically deploy the brakes if the driver continues to ignore the warnings. With City Safety, many collisions can be completely avoided, and the severity of accidents can be reduced if collision is unavoidable.
Volvo packs other active safety features into the XC60, like the Blind Spot Information System, which monitors for vehicles that drivers often find difficult to see or miss completely. Lane Departure Warning helps you keep your XC60 in the lane by alerting you if the vehicle crosses over lane markers without signaling, and the dual xenon headlamps with the optional Active Bending functionality expand the range of vision by nearly 230 percent.
Adaptive Cruise Control not only enhances safety by automatically adjusting the speed of the vehicle to maintain a consistent following distance, it also makes driving easier. The system can even bring the XC60 to a complete stop and then proceed again, as you'd need to do in stop-and-go traffic. Roll Stability Control (RSC) and the Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) monitor the attitude of the XC60 on the road and automatically deploy individual brakes to correct the course and keep the vehicle upright and out of trouble. ROPS will activate seatbelt pretensioners and deploy the Inflatable Curtain airbags if the vehicle’s angle of lean exceeds a set threshold. Volvo equips every XC60 with front, side, and inflatable-curtain side airbags to offer occupants the maximum protection, as well as features like WHIPS whiplash-prevention front seats.
With the 2012 Volvo XC60, drivers can have luxury, sharp driving dynamics, stand-out style, and exceptional safety, all in one vehicle. It's the perfect size for drivers who don't need the three-row capacity of the larger XC90, and it helps Volvo spread its safety to as many people as possible.


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