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April 2012
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Honda Certified Used Financing
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The Top 10 Happiest Jobs
Did your occupation make the list?

Last year, Forbes.com featured a report by the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago ranking the “happiest” jobs. Some may surprise you, and of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Nevertheless, the list is worth checking out.
The Top 10 Happiest Jobs:
  • Clergy
  • Firefighter
  • Physical therapist
  • Author
  • Special education teacher
  • Teacher
  • Artist
  • Psychologist
  • Financial services sales agent
  • Operating engineer
Many of these jobs are perhaps most enjoyable because they involve helping others. Other occupations to make the list, like author and artist, often allow individuals to express themselves and sometimes even make their own hours.
Curious about the 10 most hated jobs? Electronics technician, marketing manager and law clerk made the list. See all of them at www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2011/08/11/think-your-job-is-bad-try-one-of-these.
Whether you love your job or are looking for a change of pace, it’s always interesting to see how others rate their happiness at work. Enjoy “10 Happiest Jobs” in pictures at www.forbes.com/pictures/egee45hfif/clergy.

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