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June 2011
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Why Choose A Honda Lawn Mower?
Because small details make a big difference!

Why Choose A Honda Lawn Mower?
When you choose to buy a Honda lawn mower you're not buying just any old lawn mower, you're buying a purpose built machine designed and manufactured to incorporate all of the technical knowledge and skill that Honda have perfected since their entry into the lawnmower marketplace. Utilizing their universally acclaimed four stroke engine, plus their unique twin blade system, a Honda lawn mower is literally the best lawnmower that money can buy.
Easy Starting, Powerful, Honda Lawn Mower Engines
The powerful four stroke engines manufactured by Honda exceed all of the technical safety and environmental issues as laid down by the US legislature. They are CARB-certified, fuel efficient, quiet and reliable.

Honda engines are designed to be easily started and they are consistently recognized throughout the industry to start everytime, day in, day out. They are extremely durable and that's because they are built with only quality materials and are well designed.
Two Honda Mower Blades Are Better Than One
The twin blade system that Honda have perfected has enabled maximum efficiencies in lawn mowing technique, giving a superior cut and making your lawn look healthier.

This includes improved mulching by creating smaller cuttings that are added back into the grass to feed back much needed nutrients into your lawn, and better bag capacity to collect any unwanted cuttings.
Small Details Make A Big Difference
The technology that Honda use in their lawnmower production is second to none. The grass collection bags have been engineered and balanced for simplicity of removal and replacement. There are no buttons, catches or levers that require unnecessary effort.

Each wheel on their lawn mowers is supported by its own ball bearing system providing you with more flexibility, a smoother ride and greater maneuvering.

The Ergo Active handles have been designed to provide total adjustability, so that you can customize your Honda lawn mower to give you the best and most comfortable handling position.

The other great thing about buying a Honda designed and built lawn mower is the support network.

They have developed a solid partnership of dealers across the world, and it is very likely that there will be a service/repair facility near your town.

And not only that, many of the Honda lawn mowers are subject to at least a three year warranty. Some have as much as a five year warranty, which tells you everything you need to know about both the build quality and the reliability.

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