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January 2011
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All-new 2011 Honda Odyssey
Odyssey packed with leading safety features

Though the crossover SUV is becoming more popular with families looking for rugged, all-terrain capability and plenty of space, the minivan remains one of the market’s most proven and sensible family haulers. Shoppers after a car-like ride and fuel efficiency know that minivans offer unbeatable bang for the buck in terms of size, cargo capacity and ease-of-use for big and growing families.

Of course, today’s family-minded shopper is demanding more safety, confidence and long-term value than ever before—and that’s exactly what the Honda Odyssey is built to offer. The Japanese automaker’s minivan was recently overhauled for the 2011 model year and is now available for test-drives with more features, equipment and efficient performance than ever.

"The all-new Odyssey is set to once again redefine the minivan segment as the ultimate family vehicle," says Erik Berkman, Vice President of Corporate Planning and Logistics for Honda. "Never before has so much space, functionality and comfort been combined with this much style, technology and fuel economy."

The restyled body and redesigned interior may be the first things that you notice about the Odyssey but rest assured this new model remains an award-winning performer under its new skin. For years Honda has been recognized in the industry for building vehicles that offer top levels of owner satisfaction, high resale values, above-average reliability and fantastic overall value in the long term. The all-new Odyssey is built with the same ideologies in mind.

Just like the earlier models the new Odyssey is expected to turn in the same top-notch occupant protection scores when it is crash tested by third-party organizations. Additionally, a variety of safety features and systems are standard on all 2011 Odyssey models—including Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), advanced antilock brakes, tire pressure monitoring and a full suite of advanced airbags.

The Odyssey also boasts Honda’s proven Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, which enhances occupant protection and ‘crash compatibility’ in frontal collisions. The ACE design utilizes a network of structural elements to distribute crash energy evenly throughout the front of the vehicle and is designed to maximize crumple-zone effectiveness in a wide variety of impacts. By sacrificing the Odyssey’s body to absorb energy, Honda’s engineers have been able to help offer even more protection to those on board. Best of all, Odyssey’s extensive list of safety gear is standard on every unit sold, from basic to loaded. After all, when travelling with your family, safety isn’t optional.

Of course, the new Odyssey hasn’t put all of its eggs in the ‘safety’ basket. Where versatility and flexibility are concerned, Honda’s minivan offers a third-row ‘Magic’ seat which can be stored by simply tugging on a single strap. This increases cargo-carrying space dramatically when a full complement of passengers isn’t on board. With flexible space for 8 occupants and rear access through a set of sliding doors, Odyssey is easy to load up and organize--- whether you’re hauling passengers, pets, cargo or any combination thereof. Features like leather seating, a built-in navigation system, premium audio system, Bluetooth and even a wide-screen rear entertainment console are available too.

Why not stop by our dealership and check out the 2011 Odyssey for yourself? You’ll be impressed.

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