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December 2009
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Ceilidh Honda's 09 Civic Wish List Clearance!

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Ceilidh Honda's 09 Civic Wish List Clearance!
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Special Offers @ Ceilidh Honda Service
Plug And Play: Save on Honda Generators!
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Take a Dip in the Blue Lagoon of Bora Bora
This French Polynesian island is truly the pearl of the Pacific.

Looking for a real escape? How about a tiny island in the middle of the South Pacific? A nine-hour plane ride from Los Angeles, Bora Bora is as exclusive as it gets. With its enchanting blue-green lagoon and the majestic Mount Otemanu, there’s no doubt that Bora Bora is one of the most romantic and exotic destinations in the world. Just a short flight from beautiful Tahiti, the island offers the best in sailing, diving, shopping and dining. Whether in Bora Bora to relax or explore, every visitor is treated like island royalty.

It’s no surprise that scuba diving is one of the most popular activities on the island; immersed in calm, warm and clear lagoon water, Bora Bora’s ocean wildlife is colourful and incomparable. There are over 500 different species of fish living around the Tahitian islands, as well as bright corals and crustaceans. If you seek deeper waters, you’re sure to discover sea turtles, barracudas, dolphins and even humpback whales! In French Polynesia, scuba diving is a year-round sport. Island experts can guide you to the best spots. Many dive centres offer underwater camera recording in addition to training and equipment, so you can document your entire adventure. Check out the Blue Nui Dive Center (based out of the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort) or Diveasy (on Matira Point) for tips to make your diving experience unforgettable.

On the island of Bora Bora, the cuisine is just as exotic as the scenery. And at Restaurant St. James, you’ll get the total package, from the French gourmet food to the spectacular view. The restaurant overlooks the lagoon from Centre Helen’s Bay, where the nearby shopping district calls for both pre- and post-dinner browsing. Before your meal, grab a drink at the thatch-covered bar down by the water, where manta rays arrive to swim every evening. Try St. James’ parrotfish stuffed with crab under a rich cream sauce, or a medley of scallops and shrimp sautéed in delicious coconut curry sauce.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, try Aloe Café, where the croissants, tarts and quiches are authentic and delectable. Regular customers love the strong French coffee, as well as the surprise plat du jour every day at lunchtime. After you’re done filling up on pastries and smoothies, you can surf the web at the restaurant’s computer terminal or stroll throughout the shopping district on the Vaitape wharf.

With dozens of luxurious resorts to choose from, Bora Bora spares no expense when it comes to making guests comfortable. One of the most romantic spots to settle is the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa. Located on a private island just a short distance from the mainland, the resort provides a boat that will pick you up and whisk you away to a remote paradise. The resort is completely secluded with no paved roads or cares in the world – just beaches, gardens and breathtaking reefs. And if you only thought that overwater bungalows were parts of movie sets, think again; every guest at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa can stay in one of the traditional, overwater, Tahitian-style huts, with peaked roofs made of pandanus leaves. Best of all, the sliding glass top coffee tables allow guests to watch and feed the tropical fish in the lagoon – straight from their living rooms!

A breathtaking paradise, Bora Bora lets visitors completely escape from their nine-to-five lives. With its unique wildlife and diverse international flavours, French Polynesia is one of the most exotic places on Earth, and, once you’re there, it’s unlikely you’ll look forward to leaving. Beautiful during any month and any season, Bora Bora is just waiting to seduce you. All you have to do is pack your bags.

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