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May 2014  
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May Spring Sales Event
With the lowest leasing options ever!


Priced Under $10,000
Affordable one owner Fit in excellent condition!!

Brand new alloys and tires, power group with an automatic transmission!! Check out this great versatile Fit today.

Why Buy a Honda Outboard
Exclusive Honda Technology

You won't find these features in anything but a Honda.

Vehicle Highlight: 2014 Honda Civic Si
Honda updates “Sport Injected” Civic model with improved power and tech for 2014

Photo: 2014 Honda Civic Si
Renowned as the benchmark for affordable sports car fun, Honda's Civic Si has been seriously upgraded for 2014 and now offers even more of the value and driving experience that savvy, fun-seeking shoppers have long praised it for.

Vehicle Highlight: 2014 Honda Odyssey
2014 Odyssey gives families more reasons than ever to take a test drive

Photo: 2014 Honda Odyssey
For many years, the Odyssey has been a highly celebrated entry in the North American family-hauler marketplace, thanks in no small part to its abilities in providing unparallellled owner confidence, value, safety and flexibility into what many agree is the finest minivan package available. Award-winning, proven and loved across the country by active families and couples alike, the Odyssey has been earning its place in the driveways of thousands of Canadians for generations. 

Laptop, Netbook or Tablet: Which Do You Need?
A few tips to consider before you buy

Technology is a big part of today's society, as consumers use various devices for business, communication, research and entertainment. There are a lot of exciting products on the market, but the choices can be a little overwhelming. When it comes to laptops, netbooks and tablets, which do you need?

Health Benefits of Massage
Massage puts the 'treat' in treatment

Massage therapy used to be a luxury for the rich and famous, but today more and more people are turning to this alternative medicine for relief from everything from joint pain to insomnia and anxiety disorders.

Save up to $1500!
Enjoy the great outboards for less!!

Power your boat with the brand that offers five decades of proven performance and save right now on select Honda outboards.

Car Care: Tips to Help Extend the Life of Your Vehicle
Your vehicle is a big investment, so take care of it

Other than your home, your car or truck is probably your most expensive possession, so taking good care of it is important. In addition to regular maintenance by trained dealership professionals, these tips will help maximize the life of your vehicle and keep it running it the way it should.

Spend A Week Relaxing in St. Martin
The island life awaits in St. Martin

Photo: Spend A Week Relaxing in St. Martin
One of the best vacation spots in the Caribbean goes by two names; it is called St. Martin by the French who own one half and St. Maarten by the Dutch who own the other half. No matter what you call it, you will be entranced by the white sand beaches and warm turquoise surf that surround its perimeter. Each side has something special to offer - cuisine and high-end shopping on the French side, and nightlife on the Dutch side - but both halves boast beautiful ocean views and excellent accommodations.

Brute Meets Elegance
Beautiful Black on Umber AWD TL

Luxurious and fun to drive with balance of 4 year 80,000km comprehensive Acura warranty remaining. Click for all the details.

Tea for Every Mood
You can learn a thing or two from a teetotaler

Canadians drink almost 9.7 billion cups of tea each year according to the Tea Association of Canada. When you learn about tea and its benefits and varieties, you won't mind being called a teetotaler.

Pruning Tips for Spring
Sharpen those pruning tools and get to work

Spring is an excellent time to prune plants, trees and shrubs in your yard in preparation for the warmer months of the year. Before you grab the hedge shears and head for your yard, read the following advice and tips on how to do the job properly.

How to Recycle Everything
A quick guide to ditching your stuff

Each year, thousands of items are thrown into trash piles and landfills, creating environmental headaches for future generations. Consider recycling or passing on your unwanted items to others who may have a need for them. Future generations will appreciate a cleaner environment, and others will appreciate receiving items they may need.

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