August 28, 2014
CARP Members to Politicians: HST will cost you my vote!

"As a senior on a fixed income, I am distressed by the HST that will be foisted on us next year. Your government needs to step up and stop this tax grab now. Anyone that thinks that business is going to pass the savings on to consumers is smoking something funny."Read more
The Politicians on HST
In our last newsletter, CARP ActionOnline we asked readers to weigh in on the decision by the provincial governments of B.C and Ontario to implement a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in 2010. The results are in and most polls respondents don’t believe that the tax credits will be sufficient to offset the tax increase created by the HST and 85.4% of them don't believe that businesses will pass through their savings to consumers. We gave politicians and by-election candidates in B.C. and Ontario the opportunity to comment on the results of our poll. Here are the responses we received by press time:
Ontario Minister of Revenue's Response to CARP HST Poll

Seniors can expect the following permanent income tax cuts starting next year – first, we’re dropping the personal income tax rate on the first 37,000 of taxable income giving Ontario the lowest rate on the first income tax bracket of any province.Read more
Michael Prue Response to CARP HST Poll

We are glad to see the many concerns retired Ontarians have voiced about this new tax. It will clearly have a very a negative impact on those who are on fixed incomes. Simply put, life will become much less affordable for retirees.Read more
Lisa MacLeod's Response to CARP HST Poll

Ontario’s seniors will be hard hit when Dalton McGuinty blends the GST with the provincial sales tax. This combined Dalton Sales Tax (DST) could cost Ontarians anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 more annually, with an estimated $2.5 Billion extra in revenue for the Liberal government. Read more
The Contenders: Candidates Squaring Off in the St-Paul's Bi-Election
Sue-Ann Levy and Julian Heller will be squaring off in St-Paul's Provincial bi-election on September 17th 2009.
Sue-Ann Levy Response to CARP HST Poll

CARP members, like most of the residents in St. Paul's I have spoken with, clearly recognize the negative impact the Harmonized Sales Tax will have on them and the cost increases they will see. Read more
Julian Heller Response to CARP HST Poll

Like 85.4% of CARP members who answered your poll, the Ontario New Democratic Party does not believe that businesses will pass on the eventual savings they make through the HST to consumers. Read more
CARP Leadership Index™
What makes a good political leader? In the absence of searing election issues, leadership is the default ballot question. In which case, the best political leader is the one who has the most followers – for whatever reason. It could be the élan of a red rose in the lapel, a basso rendering of “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” or multi-syllabic rhetoric that sends us racing to our dictionaries.Read more
What is the Ballot Question? [Survey analysis]
All this election sabre rattling should at least tell us: what is the ballot question? In other words, if your party wins, what will you do for me?Read more
What if they called an election and no one came out to vote? –Except Older Voters
In October 2008, only 59% of eligible voters turned out to rearrange the electoral deck chairs. From a high of 79% turnout in the Diefenbaker years, Canadian voter turnout has dropped steadily ever since.Read more
If you experience problems completing the survey, please fill it in here.
Pre-Election Poll
The federal Government just announced plans to extend EI benefits for Long Tenured Workers to better help those who have contributed for a long time and have not drawn much EI benefits. Opposition parties may support it – thus averting an election call over this issue. However, the Government is also proposing an increase in EI premiums for everyone.
This is a better idea than reducing the qualifying hours and extending the benefit weeks for ALL workers



Helping Long Tenured Workers is a better idea than reducing the qualifying hours and extending the benefit weeks for ALL workers EVEN if higher EI premiums are part of the package.



Helping Long Tenured Workers rather than reducing qualifying hours for everyone is enough reason to force an election call if the Opposition all vote against it.



The federal government has offered financial incentives to all provinces to harmonize their provincial sales taxes with the GST to boost investment and cut costs for manufacturers. The provinces are expected to use the federal money to offer rebates, tax credits and grants to partially offset the additional taxes on consumers. Business is expected to pass on their savings to consumers. BC and Ontario already accepted the offer. The rest of the provinces are under pressure to follow suit.
Do you support or oppose Ontario and BC harmonizing their sales taxes with the GST?



Do you think harmonization is good for the Canadian economy overall?



Don't Know

A number of items which had not been subject to provincial sales tax will now be subject to HST. These include fuel, memberships, real estate and other services. Which ONE action should governments take to offset increased taxes on these items?

Home heating credit/rebate

Household grant based on income

Increase sales tax credit to offset full provincial tax increase

Real estate tax exemption

Point of purchase rebate for all new provincial taxes

Federal rebate – it’s their idea

Nothing, rebates etc. are not necessary

Do you think we need a federal election this fall?



If there is an election this Fall, what would be your preferred outcome?

Conservative majority

Conservative minority

Liberal minority

Liberal majority

Liberal/NDP coalition

Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition

Some other arrangement

If there is an election this Fall, what is the TOP change you want as a result:

Pension reform to rebalance the interests of employers and employees

Amend bankruptcy laws to protect pensioners

Moratorium on RRIF withdrawals

Increase CPP/OAS/GIS

Establish Universal Pension Plan

Make TFSAs retroactive for pensioners

Expand/simplify qualifying for EI

Fix isotope shortage

Ratify Kyoto Agreement

Institute “Cap and Trade”

The government has announced a renovation tax credit worth up to $1350 on $10,000 or more of home renovations. Have you taken advantage, or do you plan to take advantage of this program?

Yes, have taken advantage

Yes, will take advantage

No, have not/will not take advantage

Do you believe this tax credit will be cancelled if there is an election this fall?



Don't Know

If an election were held TOMORROW, which party’s candidate would you vote for?




Green Party

Bloc Quebecois

What kind of retirement provisions do you personally have?

Not retired, no RRSP, no pension

Not retired, RRSP only

Not retired, pension plan only

Not retired, RRSP and pension plan

Retired, CPP/OAS/GIS only


Retired, CPP/OAS/GIS and pension plan

Retired, CPP/OAS/GIS, RRSP/RRIF and pension plan

Do you think your retirement provisions will be adequate to live on when you retire?



Don't Know

What is your age?

Less than 45

45 to 54

55 to 64

65 to 74

75 or older

Where do you live?






What is your gender?



  [See Results]

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