February 7, 2016
Congratulatory Note from Senator Nancy Ruth

Senator Nancy Ruth congratulates CARP on the launch of our Pink Chapter... Read more
Congratulatory Note from Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff writes to congratulate CARP on the launch of our new Pink Chapter... Read more
Q & A with Glen Murray

CARP Action Online sat down with Glen Murray, to discuss aging cities. Murray was the Mayor of Winnipeg from 1998-2004 and the first openly gay Mayor of a large North American city. Currently he is CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life across Canada and internationally. Read more
Congratulatory Note From Scott Brison

The Pink Chapter is an innovative way to support people dealing with the challenges of long term care or eldercare, specifically those challenges unique to the LGBT community. Read more
LGBT Pioneers Congratulate Pink CARP


Douglas Eliott, Legal Pioneer

As we lived through the dark years of the AIDS epidemic, many of us thought like Harvey Milk: we believed in our hearts that we would never make it to 50.Read more

Susan Ursel, Proud 50 Year Old, Married, Lesbian and Mum of Two and Legal Activist

This is an important step forward for the lgbt community in Canada. This significant recognition of all ages and stages of our lives is a real milestone and accomplishment- bravo! Read more
The Importance of Being Purple
by Susan Eng, VP Advocacy

It was once said in the struggle for LBGT equality rights that if every gay person suddenly turned purple for a few minutes, the struggle would be over. Besides purple being my all-time favourite colour, I always believed that was the smartest thing anyone could say.Read more
Welcome to CARP’s Pink Chapter
by Ross Mayot, VP Community Development

A core value of CARP, as an advocacy organization representing a New Vision of Aging for Canada, is an abiding commitment to advancing the rights and dignity of every individual. I am delighted to announce and welcome our newest CARP Chapter supporting members of the LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay & Transgendered) community. Read more
CARP in the Corridors of Power
Much has happened in the past few weeks… Elections in Nova Scotia, senior's month in Ontario, we presented before a Federal Committee and issued an emergency advisory concerning a government motion on retirement security.Read more
... "You're not a pretty sight today, are you sweetheart?” I held William's good left hand and contemplated my old friend, a shadow of the chubby cherub with great gams who entertained the troops as Betty (Grable?) while Canada was at war in Korea Read more
by Gabriel Huston

Somewhere between one’s first grey hair and a major health crisis most of us admit to our own mortality, shrug our shoulders and do little to ensure that our wishes are carried out if we cannot act in our own best interest. Read more
CARP Poll Uncovers High Rate of Elder Abuse: Those With Caregivers Most At Risk
A CARP poll of members has revealed that almost 1-in-10 older Canadians (as many as 783,000) have suffered from elder abuse. Based on our sample which is primarily 55 years and older, a group which makes up 8.7 million people in Canada, 9% would represent 783,000 older Canadians. Abuse manifests itself as neglect, physical, financial or sexual abuse, and CARP members report all of these.Read more
A message to all CARP Members
ideaCity 2009 is approaching quickly and for the first time, over 30 hours of live presentations will be online. The ideaCity experience has traditionally been limited to a sold out audience.Read more
Submit your Nominations for CARP's 25th Anniversary “Top 25 Canadians Award”
Submit your Nominations for CARP's 25th Anniversary "Top 25 Canadians Award" "I can think of a dozen people who could be nominated" says General Richard Rohmer. Gail Hinchliffe says she too can think of several people deserving of the honour. And Dr. Colin Powell, who practices Geriatric Medicine at Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, says he meets people on a weekly basis who are worthy of the nomination. Read more.
Bone up on osteoporosis
Special educational feature

With proper management and treatment, osteoporosis does not have to mean the end of a healthy, active lifestyle. Read more.

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