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Welcome to the latest issue of CARP Action Online! Watch for extra issues during the election campaign. Zoomers control the ballot box (with 62% of the votes cast in the last election), but we need your involvement, too. Read our special e-newsletters -- stay informed on the issues -- give us your valuable input.

arrow“IT’S THE ZOOMERS, STUPID!” CARP identifies 5 key priorities for the upcoming election
Election 2008: '"Zoomers are the most politically engaged Canadians," said Susan Eng,' Read more.

arrowWatch the CARP Press Conference replay at,,
Election 2008: At a press conference held at CARP National Headquarters today, Susan Eng, CARP VP Advocacy announced the organization’s top 5 election priorities. Read more.

Your health:
What You Should Know About Women's Health

When it comes to symptoms, medicines and treatments, men and women are not the same. Read more.
Your finances:
Banking:Open Accessibility and Affordable Option

Have you done your homework regarding banking services? Know the options that are available to you so that you can choose the bank account that best suits your needs. Read more.
Your rights:
Civic Engagement and Zoomers

An initiative to develop creative civic engagement roles for Zoomers. Read more.
Call for Volunteers:
Help CARP create a New Vision of Aging

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with CARP's first annual conference focused on The New Vision of Aging. Read more.

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