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August 2014

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Your Rights:
Ending Elder Abuse

CARP says we need to look beyond education and awareness: society needs to be mobilized in the fight against elder abuse. Read more.
Your Rights:
CARP calls for equality of access to civil liberties

CARP has asked the Law Commission of Ontario to review how the law affects older persons so as to ensure equal access to all democratic rights and freedoms. Read more.
Your Health:
Hopes for health care renewal still not realized

Canada's health care system continues to fall short of a clean bill of health, a new report says. Read more.
Your Money:
CARP calls for better investor protection

Joining the debate to improve securities regulation in Canada, CARP supports a National Securities Regulator but prefers a National Investor Protection Agency. Read more.
Your Voice:
Long-term Care first-available bed policies

Nearly half of CARP Action Online readers agree with "first available bed policy". Read more.
What’s your best response to market volatility?
*Advertising feature*

With the wild swings in the market, you're sure to be inundated with advice. Buy. Sell. Hold. What should you do? Read more.

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Health Report Survey
1) In 2003, the federal and provincial governments pledged $77 billion to improve Canada’s health care system. As far as you can see, has there been an improvement in the health care system in this country since 2003?



2) One of the problems the pledged money was supposed to address was wait times. As far as you know, have wait times become shorter since 2003?



3a) Have you had a surgical procedure or other treatment which required a hospital stay in the past 5 years?


No (End survey at this point)

3b) How long did you have to wait for this procedure to be scheduled and take place? Would you say you waited… (PICK ONE FROM THE LIST BELOW)…for the procedure to take place?

Far too long

Somewhat too long

Not very long

Not at all too long

Didn't have to wait

3) Would you say the time you had to wait between needing this procedure and when it took place negatively affected your health?



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