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August 2014

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No More Waiting
Click here to listen to the No More Waiting Radio Campaign

CHIP Home Income Plan

Is your retirement plan ready for tough times?

Employability of older Canadians

CARP presents its message to The Alliance of Sector Councils. Read more.
The robot will see you now

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction but could we become as dependent on robots as on our personal computers? Read more.
CARP- 50Plus Lifestyle Show

So many new trends-ideas-ways to expand your thinking! Come see, hear, learn, and network. Free Admission! Read more.
The 2007 University of Windsor Survey for CARP Members

How do you view work and retirement? We want to know! Read more.
Who are vulnerable seniors?

Older age alone does not make a person vulnerable. Read more.
Your voice: Health care #1 priority

Readers vote: Health care is the overwhelming choice as 2008 priority for CARP. Read more.

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In 2008, my number one concern will be...

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In 2008, I expect the overall quality of life in Canada to...

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In 2008, I expect the amount of time I have to pursue recreation or leisure activities to...



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