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August 2014

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No More Waiting
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Is your retirement plan ready for tough markets?

CARP on the hill:
Seniors' mental health

CARP welcomes the creation of the Commission on Mental Health under the leadership of former Senator Michael Kirby following his comprehensive national study and report on the issue. Read more.
CARP Advocacy:
The employability of older workers

A choice about when to retire based on ability not age is a human right. Read more.
Your money:
Could you be saving more on long distance?

ComparAction acts as your personal shopper for long distance savings. Enjoy an additional CARP Member discount on your long distance, plus a FREE 1 year CARP membership and magazine subscription, too! Read more.
Your health:
Want to get fit? No sweat

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle is a ticking bomb for boomer's heart health. Read more.
Your voice:
Boomers and seniors staying in the workplace longer

Our readers are interested in working longer... 30 per cent say they plan to work past 65. Read more.

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Health care waiting times

Access to drugs

Locked-in funds

The environment

Grandparents' rights


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