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CHIP Home Income Plan
Rising home values could change the way you live. Click here to find out how.
CARP speaks out for an aging population

One-quarter of our population will be 65 by 2030 -- and a lot of issues need attention. CARP presented a wide range of recommendations in a brief to the Federal Government on the 2006 budget. Read more.
Who says there are no new ideas?

What are the three questions you need to ask your pharmacist? How can you be a more active member of your investment management team? These are just a few of the topics to be discussed in CARP's New Ideas Workshop 2006. Read more.
Is laser eye surgery for you?

If you're tired of glasses and contact lenses, you may want to consider laser eye surgery Here's what you need to know. Read more.
After Vioxx: Managing arthritis pain

Arthritis sufferers now have fewer medications available in their arsenal against debilitating joint pain. Find out about some simple pain management strategies to try at home. Read more.
Caregiver leave in Canada

Since 2004, the Federal Government of Canada has offered help to caregivers with compassionate care leave. Find out more.
Start a fitness walking program

Being active has a direct positive impact on your health. Study after study shows that you can prevent disease and premature death with even a modest physical fitness program. Read more.
Fall fare for your health

Just in time for the fall harvest, here's a guide to some of the nutritional powerhouses that are in season, and some easy and simple ideas for how to prepare them. Read more.

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With more people working later, traditional ideas of retirement are changing. Are you still working?

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If you're still working full time, at what age do you plan to retire?

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What is your main motivation for wanting to work longer?


Enjoy the work

Social - networking - being part of something

Keeps me young

Are you in favor of mandatory retirement laws?



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Do you believe the workplace accepts older workers?

Yes - I haven't encountered too many problems

No - there's a lot of prejudice and people assuming you're too old to get the job done

Have you thought about taking up an entirely new line of work -- e.g., starting your own business, learning a new skill?

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