February 2007

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CARP beefs up No More Waiting web site

CARP has completely redesigned the No More Waiting web site, giving it a cleaner, simpler, more dramatic look and adding some important new functionality.
The web site is the major vehicle for communicating the demands of the No More Waiting campaign.
The two important new features of the site are:

1. An online petition, which enables people to add their names to a message calling on all levels of government to implement the No More Waiting initiatives. The message reads:

“Dear elected representatives;
As an informed and concerned citizen I support CARP, Canada’s Association for the Fifty Plus, in its NO MORE WAITING campaign, and demand that my governments put into action health care reform that delivers the following:
  1. Wait time guarantees;
  2. Coverage, in all provincial drug benefit plans, of all drugs approved by Health Canada; and
  3. $2 billion in federal funding for caregiver respite.
Canadians have been waiting far too long for concrete action to improve Canada’s ailing health care system. It is essential that you and your government make action on health care a priority. We intend to make NO MORE WAITING an election issue at every available opportunity and will not be satisfied with empty promises.”

2. The ability to register wait times. People can indicate how many days they have been waiting for medical treatment – the wait is automatically converted into hours, and the site will automatically update to show how many people have registered, and how many hours, in total, they have been waiting.

The site also includes a directory of all elected representatives, both federal and provincial. CARP has sent out a poll – twice – to all elected representatives, asking them for a straight “Yes” or “No” on each of the No More Waiting demands. Site visitors can click on their member and read his/her response, and then quickly send an e-mail through the CARP E-Voice system.
The site also enables visitors to post a letter, detailing their own experiences with Canada’s health care system, and to read letters from others.

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