February 6, 2016
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CARP congratulates Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau
CARP members eagerly anticipate action on long list of campaign promises targeting seniors

CARP congratulates Justin Trudeau on becoming Canada’s new Prime Minister with a majority government well positioned to act on comprehensive promises made to older voters. CARP Polling shows that CARP members made a difference at the polls. Read more

Keeping Promises to Seniors: what the new government needs to do in the first 100 days
CARP editorial outlines how new government can fulfill promises made to older Canadians during the election campaign

Please start immediately. We're not getting any younger here. Your first budget this Spring can return the eligibility age for Old Age Security back to 65. Given the immediate backlash that followed your predecessor's proclamation that the age would be increased to 67, you too, would have chosen to leave the country to make the announcement. Read more

Massive CARP Poll Showed that Seniors Led the Vote - Dramatic Findings Once Again Illustrate that CARP members are a Bellwether Group
13,000 CARP members responded: almost all (91%) voted and they believed it was “time for a change”

"CARP members were encouraged by all the parties addressing our priority issues throughout the campaign. But when it came down to the crunch, they have a clear choice. Of course, they want improvements in healthcare and retirement security but it appears that they think there has to be a change in government for such improvements to take place”, said Susan Eng, Executive Vice President for CARP Read more

Parties Aggressively Courted Senior Canadians with Long Lists of Promises on Core CARP Issues
What was on the table on the eve of the election? CARP unpacked the relevant proposals from each party platform: electoral brief

Canadian seniors will see material improvement in support for their daily challenges – whether it be drug costs, caregiving, or saving for retirement. The long election campaign allowed CARP to unpack all the different campaign promises so that CARP members and other older voters could make a clear, informed choice. Read more

Federal Parties Fought to Secure the Senior Vote
How did older Canadians come to take centre stage in the 2015 election? Susan Eng’s editorial gives readers the inside track

CARP was busier than ever — first by throwing down a pre-budget challenge to meet the priority concerns of over 50 seniors’ groups across the country collaborating under the rubric of Seniors’ Vote. Obviously the parties took note. Read more

Palliative and Hospice Care in Canada: Overview, Availability and Resources
Carol in Your Corner

The words “palliative care” and “hospice” evoke a jolt of realization that one day none of us will be physically present in this world. How we make our final exit is of great concern to us and to our families and friends. Read more

The Estelle Craig ACT II Studio Exemplifies the Gold Standard in Continuing Education
Carol’s Corner

ACT II at Toronto’s Ryerson University is unique in several ways – primarily because most of its ‘graduates’ refuse to leave! Read more

The Misfits
The Middle-Age Guide to Growing Up

I’m a boomer, and I’m old enough that the teachers at my boarding school were not so much rigourously screened for their suitability as they were sieved out of the available teaching (and non-teaching) pool. Read more

CPP increase in our lifetime: A Step-by-Step Guide
Susan Eng for the Huffington Post: Great! Trudeau is pro CPP enhancement so what happens now?

Two-thirds of working Canadians today don’t even have the chance to contribute to a pension plan. That’s why increasing the Canada Pension Plan is so important. But didn’t Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau promise to increase the CPP? So we’re good? Not so fast! There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip! Read more

Liberal leader appearance at CARP town hall is featured in an ad that aired during Blue Jays playoffs
Video Post

On Wednesday, federal Liberals released a 30-second online ad that features “Hurricane” Hazel McCallion, the 94-year-old who served as mayor of Mississauga for 36 years and whose influence still looms large over the battleground GTA city. Read more

Thanks for the Long Line-Ups at the Advance Polls
The line-ups reinforce the importance of this vote

For all the nastiness in this election campaign, so far — there’s a desperate week left — one thing is certain: Canadians are galvanized like never before — whether for or against the status quo — it’s the process of exercising our franchise that matters. A true “use it or lose it” moment if ever there was one! Hurray for us! Happy Thanksgiving! Read more

Susan Eng on Goldhawk Fights Back discussing seniors' issues in the federal election
Audio clip available/Audio Post

Below is an interview segment that aired on Goldhawk Fights Back [GFB] on October 13, 2015 featuring Susan Eng, Executive Vice President of CARP interview with Dale Goldhawk host of GFB, discussing seniors issues in this federal election. Read more

Marketers finding out why they shouldn’t talk down to seniors
Why put up with these tired, ageist tropes from companies who are trying to sell us things?

It was a popular spot, but not everyone was laughing. Susan Eng, CARP Canada’s executive vice-president, believes such ads give seniors a bad rap. In fact, she says CARP complained to the bank after the original series of ads debuted in 2012 and was told that focus group loved it. CARP, in turn, polled its own members and found they weren’t impressed by the stereotype and were likely to shop where their age group was depicted more positively. Read more

Post-Election Recap
Seniors Vote 2015

In the lead-up to this Monday’s election, CARP ensured politicians paid close attention to the needs of seniors, calling for meaningful change to improve retirement security, increase access to health care and home care, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and support caregivers, among a number of other issues. As the election wore on, and seniors’ issues became increasingly prominent in national discussions, CARP became a go-to expert for primetime national news broadcasts, major newspapers, blogs, and regional media outlets. Party leaders responded directly to CARP’s advocacy issues, and appealed directly to CARP members; everybody wanted CARP’s stamp of approval. And on October 19, older voters acted decisively, turning out in droves to influence the results of the election. Read more

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CARP Post-Election Poll
1. Did you vote in the federal election of October 19?



2. Which party’s candidate did you vote for in the federal election on October 19?




Green Party

Bloc Quebecois



3. What was the main reason you cast your vote for that party’s candidate?

Always vote that party

Voted for change

Voted for the best leader

Voted for the best candidate in my riding

Voted for the party with the best policies

Voted to support the government

Voted against the government



4. Did you cast your vote for a party whose values you believed in, or did you cast your vote strategically for a party that you felt could best defeat the existing government?

Voted the party I believe in

Voted strategically to defeat the government



5. When did you make up your mind which candidate you were going to vote for?

When the election was called on August 2

Between August 2 and Labour Day

Between Labour Day and Thanksgiving

After Thanksgiving but before the day I voted

On the day I voted before I went into the voting booth

In the voting booth



6. Did the results of this election surprise you?

Surprised me a great deal

Surprised me somewhat

Didn’t surprise me much

Didn’t surprise me at all

7. How much influence did public opinion polls have on your vote?

A great deal of influence

Some influence

Not much influence

No influence at all

8. What was the single most important issue to you in this election?

Jobs and the economy

Health care

Retirement security

The niqab

Canada’s treatment of its veterans

The need for change

Ethics in government

National security and anti-terrorism



9. Which party would have been your second choice?




Green Party

Bloc Quebecois




10. Which party would you never have voted for?




Green Party

Bloc Quebecois




11. Did you see a Liberal election ad featuring former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion and Justin Trudeau, who was standing in front of a CARP banner?



12. Did this ad have an influence on your vote?




13. Which campaign promises for older Canadians do you think should be implemented first by the new government?

Increase GIS by 10% to get $1000 more per year to poorest seniors

Return age for OAS back to 65 from 67

Cooperate with provinces to increase CPP contributions and benefits

Extend flexibility of compassionate care leave for caregivers

More affordable housing, including seniors’ housing

Restore Canada Post home delivery

Negotiate new Health Accord with provinces under the Canada Health Act

Cooperate with provinces to drive down the price of drugs

Invest $4 billion over four years for home care


14. Did you vote in the advance polls?



15. How long did it take you to vote?

Five minutes or less

Five to ten minutes

Ten to fifteen minutes

Fifteen to twenty minutes

Twenty minutes to half an hour

More than half an hour


16. Did you change your mind on who to vote for during the course of the campaign?

Yes, once

Yes, twice

Yes, three or more times



17. As far as you know, which party ran the fairest, best and most ethical campaign?





Bloc Quebecois


18. How important a factor was the need for change in Ottawa to your vote?

The most important

One of the most important


Not very important

Not important at all



19. Where do you live?


Nova Scotia


New Brunswick







20. What is your gender?



  [See Results]

The CARP Poll: Pre-Election Poll Report
Practically all of the 12,000 members surveyed had or were voting - AND they accurately predicted the results of the election!

In a massive new poll from CARP taken by more than 12,000 respondents, members accurately predicted the results of the election. Conducted three days before the federal election, an astonishing 4-in-10 members had already voted in advance polls, and a further one half were certain to vote. Read more

The CARP Poll: Immunization Poll Report
Members well educated on the benefits of vaccination; believe immunization is one of the most important public health tools

Three quarters of members have or will get flu shots this year, and also got flu shots last year, and almost all of these get the shot every year, primarily in a doctor’s office, but also in a pharmacy. Those who won’t get a shot will not because they don’t get sick, or because they don’t trust vaccines or don’t think they’re effective. Read more

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