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May 2012
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Five Activities for Wine Lovers in Southern California
Wine is an intriguing pursuit, and the entire process from vineyard to the table fascinates many individuals. For wine lovers who live in the diverse landscape and culture of Southern California, here are five interesting and educational activities.
Santa Barbara Winery
The Santa Barbara Winery is a well-known destination that has been in business since 1962. Visitors can enjoy the winery every day and sample several varietals, from chardonnay and riesling to pinot noir. Those who are serious about the wine of the region can also join the Santa Barbara Winery Wine Club. Check out for more information, or follow the winery on Facebook and Twitter.
South Coast Winery Resort & Spa
For a relaxed and easygoing pace, try the South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, which is located in Temecula. Visitors can enjoy quiet walks through the vineyard, tours, tastings, spa services and fine dining. These amenities, combined with a stay in a luxurious villa, make South Coast Winery a unique wine destination. Seasonal rates and information are available at
A.O.C. Wine Bar
Southern California has a number of quality wine bars, and one of those is the A.O.C. Wine Bar, which is located on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. The wine bar is open Monday through Friday in the evening, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday. Those who are interested in A.O.C. can make reservations online at follow the bar on Twitter.
California Wine Festival
Combine wine, sun and surf at the California Wine Festival in Santa Barbara. This event includes hundreds of wines, live music, demonstrations from gourmet chefs and plenty of specialty foods. The festival provides several unique events that are scheduled from July 19-21, and tickets start at $49. Information on the schedule and ticket prices is available at
Bernardo Winery
The Bernardo Winery was founded in 1889, which makes it the oldest continuously operating winery in Southern California. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities, including tours, a tasting room, shopping, a historical museum, the Cafe Merlot, the Sweet Pea Coffee Shop and the Friday Farmer’s Market. Information on this historic winery is available at
These destinations are appropriate for everyone from the novice to the seasoned wine enthusiast. Wine is a passion for many, and South California has an extensive range of events and interesting locations for pursuing that passion.


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