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February 2014
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Vehicle Details: 2014 Buick Enclave Utility
Luxurious Enclave is a true utility vehicle

Photo: 2014 Buick Enclave Utility
You need to safely haul up to eight people and all of their stuff, and you want to do it in style and comfort. You also insist on the latest in technology, and you don’t want to pay too much. Sound like a problem? Not if you’re driving a Buick. The Buick Enclave luxury crossover, on sale here at Colonial Buick GMC in Watertown, Massachusetts, is designed to take on the toughest of challenges: the large family.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Buick Regal
Regal is as safe as it is sexy

Photo: 2014 Buick Regal
Buick has been on quite the roll lately. With an award winning lineup that includes a best-selling three-row luxury crossover, city-dominating small luxury crossover and the most inviting world-class sedan, people are flocking to Buick like never before. Another popular choice is the 2014 Regal, available here at Colonial Buick GMC in Watertown, Massachusetts. With new exterior and interior designs, new standard powertrain and available all-wheel drive, increased efficiency and thrilling performance, the Regal is definitely the athlete of the family.

Vehicle Preview: 2015 GMC Yukon
Big, bold and beautiful

Photo: 2015 GMC Yukon
In today's world, customers demand and deserve more from their vehicles. The new, totally redesigned 2015 Yukon and long-wheelbase Yukon XL SUVs deliver, serving up greater refinement, more power and lower fuel consumption, as well as more flexible seating configurations and expanded entertainment and connectivity features, to satisfy the needs of families on the go. Expect to see them here at Colonial Buick GMC in Watertown, Massachusetts soon.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 GMC Sierra
Setting new standards

Photo: 2014 GMC Sierra
The full-size Sierra 1500 pickup, on sale now here at Colonial Buick GMC in Watertown, Massachusetts, is all-new for 2014, delivering best-in-class torque, best-in-class trailering capability and best-in-class V8 fuel economy, as well as greater refinement, higher equipment levels and innovative technology.

Five Steps for Preventing Kidney Stones
An ounce of precaution keeps a lot of ouch at bay

Chances are, you've either had a kidney stone or know someone who has. According to the National Kidney Foundation, one out of 10 people develops a kidney stone in his lifetime. That's a lot of excruciating pain — and doctors say they're seeing more kidney stones all of the time, thanks to rising obesity rates.

Top Five Country Artists Who Made the Crossover
Check out these genre-bending favorites

Country music has long been the domain of veteran performers like George Strait, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and a list of others that goes on for a country mile. Other more recent up-and-comers have made country music a mainstay on our radios and Internet streams. But some artists who were successful in other styles of music, decided to give country a chance as well. Here are five stars who did just that.

Five History Museums in New England
From a famous author's home to a celebration of seafaring

If you’re a history buff, New England is the place to be. The region is full of interesting and unique history museums where you can learn about the area’s rich culture and colorful past. Check out some of the best historical hot spots in New England, and plan an educational day trip for yourself or the entire family.

Car Care: Windshield and Windshield Wiper Maintenance
Being able to see clearly is imperative when you’re on the road

Photo: Car Care: Windshield and Windshield Wiper Maintenance
With all the fancy equipment and cutting-edge technologies available on the cars we drive, staying safe seems easier and more convenient than ever before. However, one of the most basic, yet crucial, safety factors is often overlooked. Being able to see out your windshield, and making sure that your wipers do their job, is crucial to your safety and the safety of your passengers.

10 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund
Invest in your future and save money for years to come

Getting a tax refund from the government often feels like free money, but it is actually money that you worked hard to receive. Put your tax refund to good use, such as paying off debt or investing in the future, and the money you receive will earn even more in the long run.

Best P.O.V. Action Cameras
Get one of these cameras and get ready for some action

The P.O.V. (Point-of-View or POV) camera is generally defined as a video camera that is designed for action-based video. This device has become popular for use with action sports, but these cameras are also useful for capturing everyday life. The POV is typically worn as opposed to being held like a standard video camera. This makes the device ideal for biking, hiking, jumping out of airplanes or just "life logging" everyday events. Here are five POV cameras to consider if you are in the market for this type of technology.

Celebrate the Potato on St. Patrick's Day
Potatoes can be fun to eat and nutritious

While the potato is widely associated with Ireland and is a traditional St. Patrick's Day food, would you believe that potatoes are actually native to the coast of South America? Celebrate the 10,000 varieties of the potato and learn why, when eaten in moderation and prepared in heart-healthy ways, "spuds" can be delicious and nutritious.

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