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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger
Expand your bathroom by making it appear larger

Bathrooms are an important area in every home, but not all of them possess a spacious amount of square footage. If your bathroom currently feels cramped, you do not need to tear it down and remodel it to efficiently utilize the space you already have. With some simple rearranging and new décor, your small bathroom can look a whole lot bigger.


The quickest way to add depth to a small room is through strategic placement of mirrors. suggests putting a mirror across from a window to create the illusion of a second window, making the room seem less confined. Placing a square mirror at the end of the counter visually extends the space further to appear less cramped, and a mirror stretching from the vanity to the ceiling expands the appearance of the whole room. You can even place mirrors across from each other to create an infinitely extending space.


Windows naturally make a bathroom feel more open because of the natural light they carry. Avoid heavy curtains or adornments, which obstruct the sunlight that windows transmit. Instead, use clear or minimally frosted glass to maximize luminosity. Alternatively, Better Homes and Gardens recommends mini blinds, matchstick blinds and light sheer fabric to do the trick. If you have the option, add a skylight to allow even more light in.


Traditional cabinets can often make a bathroom feel boxy. For example, swinging-door cabinets impede on personal space, so consider cabinets with a sliding door or open shelving with pull-out basket storage. Replace your large vanity and its oversized under-sink storage with a pedestal sink that offers more legroom.


Color schemes play a major part in expanding the visual size of a bathroom. Instead of using busy wallpaper or multi-tone patterns, stick with a monochromatic appearance.

Light colors are best, especially when they blend together throughout your bathroom. The Huffington Post advises keeping the floor and walls the same tone, as contrast breaks up large visual space. If you do use a pattern, recommends using vertical lines to draw the eye upward to see more space in the height.


Certain essential bathroom furniture pieces are probably taking up more space than necessary in your bathroom. Bulky, older toilets are less efficient than modern models and can probably be replaced with compact units. You might even be able to embed the water tank in the wall and then push the toilet closer to that wall, according to Zillow.

Consider if it is necessary to have a full bathtub or if replacing it with a standing shower would be worth the extra space, especially if this bathroom is not your primary one. Bob Vila even recommends switching your patterned shower curtain for a clear one or a sliding glass door, which gives the appearance of added space.

Depending on the state of your current bathroom, any of these techniques will probably expand the room’s spaciousness, both visually and functionally.

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