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5 Places to Hide Holiday Presents from Your Kids
Hints to help keep gifts hidden from children during the holidays

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the time has come to start buying gifts for those special people in your life. Often, the chore of finding the right presents for the children in your family is only rivaled by the difficult task of hiding said presents. Here are five spots for stashing your holiday gifts guaranteed to keep them secret until the big reveal.

Hide presents in the darkest corner of your basement

If your home includes a basement that your children avoid because they find it scary, then you have just discovered a great spot to hide presents. suggests placing gifts in a large box and then covering it with a blanket. Place the box in one of the darkest corners of the basement, but make sure to avoid damp or wet areas that could do damage. To add another layer of deception, recommends grabbing a marker and writing “tax returns” or “math study guides” on the box, which will make the hiding spot even more unappealing to inquisitive children.

Stash holiday gifts at a trusted neighbor’s or friend’s house

One reliable way to ensure your kids don’t find their holiday presents early is to leave them at a friend’s or neighbor’s home. If you like to shop for gifts online, recommends having them delivered directly to a friend’s home. You can even pay a little extra to have them pre-wrapped so that they are ready to go when you finally pick them up. If you do choose to leave presents at a friend’s or neighbor’s home, suggests keeping an inventory, so you can remember exactly what was left and precisely where it can be located.

Keep larger presents in an outside shed

If you have a shed on your property, consider hiding your presents high up in the rafters out of the reach of children or inside storage bins normally filled with lawn equipment, which many young people wouldn’t consider searching. For extra peace of mind, suggests purchasing new locks for the shed and hiding the key in a place where nobody else can find it.

Pack gifts away in the attic

Depending on how your home was built, children might not be able to reach the attic if it requires a pull-down ladder. If you decide to hide your gifts in the attic, recommends keeping the presents inside a plastic bag to avoid collecting unwanted dust. However, if the gifts include expensive electronics, consider finding an alternative hiding place, since electronics are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Lock presents away in the trunk of your car

Curious children may be able to sneak around and search closets and dressers for holiday gifts, but they won’t have access to your car’s trunk unless they have a key. advises storing as many gifts in the trunk as possible. You should cover these presents with a blanket so kids can’t steal a quick look when out grocery shopping. As with the attic hiding place, refrain from storing electronics in the trunk, since it too is prone to temperature fluctuations.

While you might not have completed your holiday shopping just yet, it is never a bad idea to think ahead about where you are going to hide those presents. Doing so will keep your children from discovering them early and ruining the surprise that those presents were meant to create.

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