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Popular TEDx Talks
Five of the most popular TEDx Talks

If you haven’t seen one before, TED Talks are short, powerful talks given by people who are experts in a variety of fields that range from being both large in scope and highly specialized. Some talks discuss important philosophical or scientific issues while others are meant to be funny and lighthearted.
The purpose of these talks is to spread important ideas in an engaging and easy to understand way. TEDx Talks sprung from the TED movement as a way for communities to bring their own TED style talks to their area. Here are five of the most popular TEDx talks since they began in 2009:
The orchestra in my mouth - Tom Thum
This talk was part of TEXxSydney. It doesn’t deal with revolutionary ideas, but it is sure to make you smile. Tom Thum spends 11 minutes combining comedy with beat boxing and performing remarkable instrument impersonations in a fun and creative way. It can be found at
How great leaders inspire action - Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek gave this talk at TEDxPugetSound in order to help people fully comprehend the way that leaders develop as well as use their power and how the listeners could do the same. He draws examples from the leadership found at Apple, from the Wright brothers and Martin Luther King. The basis of his talk teaches listeners to harness the power of the question “why?” and to understand the concept of a “golden circle.”
You can hear this talk by clicking the following link:
The power of vulnerability - Brene Brown
In this talk, Brene Brown shares deep insights that she has gained from her research into the ways that humans connect with each other. She also makes important points by sharing the story of her own journey of self exploration and her experiences seeking to better understand humanity as a whole.
If you would like to hear about her journey of self discovery and her insights about humanity, listen at
The happy secret to better work - Shawn Achor
“We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards?” asks the TED website. Psychologist Shawn Achor seeks to answer that question in this talk, which attempts to make the point that happiness is the first step in the equation, and that happiness is powerful enough to inspire productivity.
This entertaining talk can be heard at
Looks arent everything. Believe me, Im a model - Cameron Russell
When model Cameron Russell gave this talk, it spread like wildfire across the Internet because of its important message that hit so close to home for people of all ages, nationalities and genders. She describes the way that she's grown through her modeling career and came to the realization that looks weren't everything.
Watch the video of this fearless and important talk at
These are just five examples of the tremendous wealth of knowledge and fun that can be discovered by listening to TEDx Talks, so don’t stop your journey after you listen to these.
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