April 2014  
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Itís Car Care Month
April is the time to make sure your car is running right

Did you know that April is Car Care month? That means there’s no better time to take care of any lingering issues that may have crept up over a rough winter.
A small investment in repairs or preventative maintenance will keep your car running smoothly and help prevent bigger problems later on. “A thorough vehicle inspection this spring can help keep your car safe and dependable and help you avoid much higher costs down the road in the form of more extensive repairs or lost resale value,” said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council.
A few of the items you should take a look at include:
Battery: Almost everyone has been there before. You turn the key, and nothing happens. Maybe you left the lights on, or there’s another malfunction, or your battery is simply a lot older than you remembered – regardless, if your battery doesn’t work, neither does your vehicle. The experts in your dealer’s service department can run a diagnostics check to see how much juice your battery has left and advise you if it needs replacing.
Brakes: Do you hear squeaking, squealing or grinding every time you stop? Have you noticed it taking more and more pedal pressure to come to a stop? It may be time to replace your brakes. Neglecting your brakes puts you, your passengers and everyone else around you in danger. Stop by and let the technicians check the condition of your brake pads, rotors and the rest of your braking system to ensure you have maximum stopping power.
Exhaust: While your exhaust system may not seem as vital as your brakes and battery, it’s still important to fix any cracks, holes or damage. Loud noise and potentially harmful exhaust gases inside your vehicle are associated with neglected exhaust systems, which can also hurt the environment and be simply unpleasant to your neighbors and fellow motorists.
Steering and Suspension: Today’s suspension systems are pretty complex and allow you to travel on even the most treacherous roads in relative comfort. Rattling or clunking or excessive bouncing should be checked by dealership experts. Shocks, struts, springs and other components should be inspected periodically, whether you experience problems or not, to ensure optimal long-term performance.
Tune-up: The traditional tune-up has evolved over the years, but today’s vehicles still need tune-ups. Dealership technicians know your vehicle – and its recommended maintenance schedule – well, and can help you keep it running as efficiently as possible. Remember, a little maintenance now can help prevent major work down the road.
Stop by today and let the factory-trained professionals who know your vehicle best do the right work, with the right parts.
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