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Fun Facts about Administrative Professionals Day
Celebrate these important office personnel

Administrative professionals are the people who keep workplaces going. Secretaries, receptionists and clerks are all different types of administrative professionals. Without them, there would be no such thing as a stable company.
What is Administrative Professionals Day?
Held every year on the Wednesday of the last full week in April, Administrative Professionals Day celebrates people who are vital in office environments. We thank them for being the ones who do the tasks that often go unrecognized: the filing, the organizing, the scheduling, the planning, and so much more. There are more than 8.9 million administrative professionals in the United States alone. It is clear that they deserve to be recognized.
How did it begin?
In the early 1950s, there was a strong need for administrative professionals such as secretaries and receptionists. The National Secretaries Association created the day to attract people to the profession. The work of an administrative professional has changed a lot in the years following the day's founding, but the reason we celebrate it remains the same. This year is the 62nd anniversary of Administrative Professionals Day.
What are some types of administrative professionals?
Secretaries and receptionists have already been mentioned, but there are many different job descriptions that fall under this category. Couriers and other people who make deliveries are on the list, along with postal service workers and bank tellers. Accountants, bookkeepers and myriad other types of employees can also be considered administrative professionals.
How can you celebrate Administrative Professionals Day?
There are many events, seminars and workshops that you can take part in. Also, if you know anyone who is an administrative professional, you could always make or buy them items that have a relevant theme, such as business cards or a desktop name plate. But the best way to celebrate is to simply be thankful for all of the administrative professionals out there. If you work with someone who keeps your office going on a day-to-day basis, consider acknowledging them with flowers, a sweet treat or just a friendly note to say how much their work is appreciated.
Who created Administrative Professionals Day?
In 1952, Mary Barrett and C. King Woodbridge were partners in a council that discussed office workers and their skills, importance, and scarcity. Along with Harry Klemfuss, who was a public relations account executive, they used the designated day to bring greater awareness to the profession. They also wanted to recognize existing administrative professionals who are often taken for granted.
Don't forget to celebrate the people who are there day in, day out, helping to keep the wheels of the business world in motion. They help do things that are vital to business, government, nonprofits, and many other organizations. Show them you appreciate their work by remembering this day.
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