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April 2012
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Experience the Signature Elements of BMW
Classic designs offer timeless quality for every generation of drivers.

Rather than conform to fleeting fads and short-lived trends, BMW has maintained a strong, consistent style year after year. BMW vehicles evolve, yet the philosophy that “form should always follow function” remains. Classic elements, such as the long hood and short overhangs, are engineering staples that provide an impressive canvas on which model-specific details can shine.
Aerodynamic structuring not only gives each BMW a sleek, sophisticated look, it offers several performance benefits as well. Integrated front spoilers, for instance, reduce the amount of air flowing under the car, minimizing front-end lift at speed. Air flows smoothly over the vehicle’s body and the engine has less drag to overcome. In addition, a BMW is designed to minimize aerodynamic lift, so drivers experience precise, road-hugging control at every turn.
The Hofmeister kink is another signature BMW element. There’s a distinct bend in every BMW’s C-pillars, which gives a striking visual effect while highlighting trademark rear-wheel drive capabilities. The feature is named for Wilhelm Hofmeister, a former BMW director of design, and can be seen on models dating back decades.
One of the most recognizable BMW staples is the kidney grille. First introduced in 1933, the grille was designed to reduce aerodynamic drag. And although it has evolved from tall ovals to a lower and wider shape, the twin kidney grille remains perpetually intriguing.
Originally gracing just the six-cylinder 320i and 323i, the four round quad headlights are now the norm for most BMW models. These “eyes” watch the road ahead, keeping drivers safe without sacrificing style.
The Roundel is, of course, as iconic as it gets. The BMW logo—four blue and white quadrants—was derived from the colors of the Bavarian flag and is today associated with the automaker’s superior craftsmanship around the world.
At, enthusiasts can enjoy the Designers’ Perspectives collection of videos. Watch a tour of the BMW Designworks Studio featuring the all-new 7 Series, or see the X5 go head-to-head with an adventure bike at the BMW Performance Center, showing off xDrive all-wheel-drive capabilities.
BMW designers and engineers understand the fine art of balance. In finding the right mix of form and function, tradition and innovation, they have continued to produce the Ultimate Driving Machine®.


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