Could You Live in a Tiny House?
January 2017
Could You Live in a Tiny House?
Here are some things to consider before downsizing your home

Tiny houses are all the rage right now and people are hopping on board when it comes to downsizing their homes and, ultimately, their lives. But the small, simple life may not be for everyone. Just as there are many advantages to this lifestyle, there are also some things that might detract from overarching positive feelings. Make sure you consider the following things before committing to a tiny house.

You donít do well in small spaces

This one is obvious. Claustrophobia, the anxiety-inducing fear of confined places, affects up to 5 percent of the United States population. If you find yourself on the verge of a freak out while in a crowded retail store or while driving through a tunnel, you should probably forego the tiny house life. Most tiny houses average less than 400 square feet of total space, which is the typical size of a living room in a standard-size house.

You like to keep everything

If you plan on moving into a tiny house, youíll need to say goodbye to most of your possessions. With the limited amount of space inside a tiny house, you will need to limit your items to absolute necessities first, followed by just a few decorative items here and there. If you are a pack rat thatís completely committed to the tiny house lifestyle, renting out a storage unit is an option.

You like to have your own space

If you plan on living in a tiny house by yourself, then disregard this section. But if you are deciding whether to move in with a significant other or family member, then keep reading. Tiny houses are designed to unite people in one place. There are usually no separate rooms or private areas, except for maybe the bathroom. If you like to sometimes shut yourself in a room alone to get away from people, then you may want to reconsider downsizing to a tiny house.

You host many parties or events

Having a space for parties or get-togethers is quite an important factor for a good host. If you live in a tiny house, having people over isnít really plausible, unless itís just one or two other people that donít mind cramped spaces. You may be able to get away with hosting an outdoor barbecue in front of your tiny house, but if youíre the type of person that likes to host indoor New Yearís Eve or football parties, then definitely skip the tiny house lifestyle.

You live in a harsh environment

As you adjust to the tiny house life, youíll find that you will be spending more time outside to account for the lack of space inside. This means that if you live in a particularly cold area or a location that hosts a lot of severe weather, you might want to relocate or just completely dismiss the idea of the tiny house altogether.

Of course, there are many lasting benefits of living in a tiny house, such as reducing your carbon footprint, overall cost of living space, spending less on needless items and concentrating more time on your life or family, rather than material possessions. Tiny houses arenít for everyone, so make sure you consider all factors before making this life-changing commitment.

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