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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 Public Relations Measurement Newsletter: iConfess. iDon't Own an iPhone   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 11  
iConfess: iDon't Own an iPhone
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July 17, 2007
iConfess: iDon't Own an iPhone
Falling Behind on the iHighway
by Jerry Brown

Blue Marble on iPhone

iHave a confession to make. iDon't own an iPhone. iDon't even own an iPod. iHaven't seen the latest Harry Potter movie. And iWon't be tearing open the final book in the Harry Potter saga when it becomes available on Friday.

In short, iJust don't measure up as a hip human being. Actually, iDoubt being "hip" is really hip any more. i'M probably several words behind when it comes to describing being cutting edge. Cutting edge probably isn't cutting edge any more, either. But you've got the picture. i'M not keeping up with those of you who are wherever "hip" and "cutting edge" used to be.

But iWould love to borrow your iPhone, if you have one. iWon't break it. Or bogart it. iKnow those are no-no's.

iHave another confession to make. iHave no remorse over my lack of standing at the forefront of whatever the right word for hip is these days. iHope you'll forgive this obvious failing on my part. But iWon't be losing any sleep over it.

iMay be alone

iMay be alone. Apple generated an eye-popping 1,168,641,544 positive impressions1 in the month surrounding the introduction of the iPhone. That's impressive, no matter how you look at it. And it's a testimonial to the way Apple pays attention to what its customers do and want and then delivers products that they'll buy and treasure. Owning an iPod or an iPhone is cool. And fun.

Apple Impressions

Apple generated a lot of positive coverage for the iPhone because of the success of its other products. You can talk about being innovative or having state-of-the-technology stuff. But over the long run it won't do you any good until your products prove themselves with the public. So one of the big questions about the iPhone is whether it will live up to the advance hype. The early returns indicate it does.

But standing in line was part of the fun

Nevertheless, iFound it amusing that people stood in line for hours to get their iPhones when they went on sale on a Friday evening while folks who skipped the lines were able to walk into the same stores a couple hours later and buy them without having to wait. And iAdmit to a small chuckle when iRead that many of those folks who stood in line had trouble activating their new toys because AT&T's activation system was overloaded. Makes you wonder why they introduced them on Friday evening, which meant some folks had to wait until the following Monday to play with a toy they stood in line for.

Actually, iWould love to own an iPhone. They're really cool or whatever the current equivalent of that quaint term is. But six hundreds bucks is a bit out of my league. As for the iPod, no thanks. iDon't want to be connected to something electronic all the time. And they say those little ear bugs actually damage your hearing. At my age, iNeed all of the hearing iHave left.

But iHave decided to start moving in the direction of becoming more cutting edge. No more IHOP for me until they change their name to iHOP. iHave my reputation to consider.

1Google News, 6/16/2007 - 7/16/2007.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jerry Brown committed journalism for 20 years, but received a full pardon. He's been practicing public relations for more than 20 years and plans to keep practicing until he gets it right -- which he hopes takes a long time because he likes what he does. He specializes in strategy and message development, media relations and media training and writing (news releases, annual reporters, collateral, etc.). He also writes the Monday Morning Media Minute, a free weekly media tip distributed by e-mail. You can reach him at jerry@pr-impact.com / 303-781-8787.

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