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April 2012  
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Bill Marsh Employees Prepare To Compete In The Reinvention Convention
Contest helps Goodwill’s Workers on Wheels
by Amber Brown

A wide array of art has already surfaced on the Reinvention Convention website, but more is yet to come.  The artwork has transformed clothing into wall hangings, an old chair has been revitalized into furniture that can be the centerpiece of the living room, and old shoes have turned into a stylish lamp.  The finished products are on display at  They will also be seen at the wrap up Gala Viewing Event starting May 3rd in the downtown Traverse City Ecco Space and will be part of the Downtown Traverse City Art Walk.


Winners for the contest are determined by who garners the most votes that are backed by dollar donations to Goodwill.


Several Bill Marsh employees have lent their creative juices to the contest.  Brian Tithof and Jason Hentschel from the Bill Marsh Body and Paint Center and Mike Kent from the Business Development Center are all working on projects.  Brian has taken skis, a chair, and a variety of other items and created an ice fishing sled.  Jason has transformed a chandelier, clock, and scraps of metal into a table.  Mike is crating an outdoor camping experience inside a tent.


The public is encouraged to sell all the final pieces and vote for their favorite online.  All projects are required to be done by this Friday.  Prizes will be awarded in different categories including Children and Groups.

Front: Jason positions the glass on the table he designed. This Page: Brian attaches a rope to his ice fishing sled.

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