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April 2012  
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Bill Marsh Chrysler Undergoing A Facelift
Work at Traverse City dealership may start in early May
by Dana Pratt

Customers should begin to see heavy earth-moving equipment move in early in the month.  The current Chrysler showroom will be leveled to make way for a dramatically improved facility.


The new dealership will include 5,200 square feet of showroom space, a large customer lounge that includes a kid’s play area.  The service area will remain in its current location, but will also be updated.


“The changes should give our Chrysler sales and service area the prominence it deserves,” says Mike Marsh.  “It will make the new car shopping experience and the service experience much more enjoyable.”


Bill Marsh Chrysler Sales will make a temporary move next door to the current Thrifty Car Rental offices while the construction takes place.  Marsh says they hope to have everything done by October.


The current Bill Marsh Chrysler dealership began in the 1970s as the Bill Marsh Buick location.  While it has had some minor updates over the years it has remained mostly the same since that time.


“We’re really excited about the improvements and how it will help our customer’s experiences,” says Marsh.  Marsh says being able to move ahead with the renovations is a statement of confidence in how far Chrysler has come since the auto industry faced bankruptcies.  He says the improvements were planned for 2008, but were put on hold when Chrysler went bankrupt.


“With the outstanding product that’s been introduced by all the Chrysler brands over the past two years, there’s every reason to be highly optimistic about the future of this dealership,” adds Marsh.

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