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July 2009  
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Hagerty Car Show Taken To A New Level
Event draws an estimated 20,000 people
by Mike Kent

All the old favorite classic cars were lined up at the car show this year—old Fords, and Dodges, heavy Chevys, there was even one of the 51 Tucker automobiles ever made.  But this year’s Hagerty Family Car Show had much more—they had a huge line up of tractors, motorcycles, boats and even a classic bicycle.  The show also featured rivalry between University of Michigan and Michigan State University alumni.  And the military brought out some of their unique vehicles.  New car dealers, including Bill Marsh, also featured many of their hottest cars and trucks.

This is all part of the dilemma.  The Hagerty Family Car Show is much more than just cars.  So between now and next year’s event organizers say they have to come up with a new name for the popular event.

“It’s now just a classic car show anymore,” says Bob Guenther, one of the show organizers.  “It’s really a show of passion—it’s an event where people are passionate about a lot of things.”

Bill Marsh featured a new Dodge Challenger and positioned it next to a classic Dodge Challenger.  New Hyundais, including the North American Car of the Year, Genesis also made it to the show.  Rob Marsh judged and presented the award for Classic Excellence during the event.

Guenther says it was the variety of vehicles on display that appeared to please the crowd.  He says the show appeared to rise to a new level this year and the crowd, estimated at about 20,000 people, appeared to feel it was a huge hit.

The show had grown so much this year it was necessary to shut down parts of Union Street and Sixth Street near the Heritage Center.  Guenther says the event was also a financial shot in the arm, Old Town businesses that stayed open during the show appeared to have a very successful day.

“It was a real community event,” says Guenther.  “People were entertained and excited.”

Guenther says they are already planning on making next year’s event even bigger.  They hope to expand the hours, bring in more boats and keep the rivalry going between U of M and MSU’s participation.

Information about the car show is available at the National Cherry Festival website, while information about Hagerty Insurance is available at

New and classic Dodge Challengers receive attention during the Car Show

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