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Monday, June 23, 2008 Issue 21   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 21  
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Biosafety Basics are More Important than Ever
DEA Controlled Substances Programs - Are You Compliant?
Using Practice Interview Sessions to Strengthen Your Survey Preparedness Within The Environment Of Care
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Industry Perspectives
DEA Controlled Substances Programs - Are You Compliant?
by Jennifer S. Bosselman, M.S.

Many researchers are aware of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, which requires annual registration with the Drug Enforcement Administration when a project involves use or analysis of a controlled substance. While this regulation does not impact all researchers or laboratory facilities, those it does impact may have only partial compliance in spite of their best intentions.
Tips from the Experts
Biosafety Basics are More Important than Ever
Awareness Training is Key
by Susanne L. Simon, M.S.

Advances in equipment technology and procedures have brought many new preventive measures and safety controls to the biological laboratory. However, most aspects of laboratory-based research have remained virtually unchanged and remain a source of potential infections caused by simple human and mechanical error in the laboratory.
Using Practice Interview Sessions to Strengthen Your Survey Preparedness Within The Environment Of Care
by Nanette E. Moss, M.S., C.I.H.

Preparing for The Joint Commission (JC) survey process within the Environment of Care (EC) is challenging because virtually all internal services used to support patient care, including all areas of the EC, may be audited. A healthcare institution must be prepared for the survey interview session to proceed in almost any direction and to involve any staff member. Practice interview sessions, if done properly, can dramatically improve the performance of hospital staff in actual JC surveys.

News and Events

July 26 – 30, 2008 - CSHEMA (Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association) 2008 Annual Meeting: Safety & Sustainability. EH&E will sponsor a booth (#507) and will present the latest developments in the web-based EH&S support solution, eH&E-Campus. For more information on CSHEMA 2008 visit:

Michael Crowley is the newest member of EH&E’s Building Sciences Division. Mike comes to us from Harvard University where he served as the Assistant Director of the University’s Green Campus Initiative. Mike’s experience in developing campus sustainability programs brings an exciting new range of service offerings to EH&E that draw upon the company’s core building competencies.

EH&E is pleased to announce the release of EHEConnect, an online forum for Environment of Care (EC) professionals. Members can discuss current issues and get practical input on any topic. EHEConnect is free and open to anyone who works in a hospital and has an interest in the EC. Members share their practical information and experiences on pressing compliance issues, new changes in regulations, and much more. For more information visit:

Michael Della Barba, Director of Commissioning Services, authored an article entitled, “Getting the building you paid for: Incorporating inchstones for large projects,” that was published in the May 16, 2008, edition of the New England Real Estate Journal. You can view the article at:

For additional information on any upcoming event, please send an email request to Kirsten Buchanan
New Products and Services


Facilities Safety Management Solution
Software support package designed to provide the facilities and maintenance staff with the tools (PCRA program, e-PFI database, permits tracking database) needed to manage The Joint Commission continuous compliance requirements. More information:

Safety and Hazardous Materials Management Solution
Software solution automates the data collection and reporting requirements for Hazard Surveillance Rounds. Includes a Hazard Surveillance Assistant, Chemical/Hazardous Drug Inventory database, Hazardous Materials Disposal database, Permits Tracking Database, and EPA Multi-media Self-Audit. More information:

Environment of Care Survey Simulations
Prepares your staff for an audit by simulating audit questioning and by uncovering your organization’s vulnerabilities in areas routinely covered during Joint Commission audits. More information:

Asbestos Management Program Assessment
Specifically tailored to healthcare facilities to ensure that your program complies with occupational and environmental regulations. More information:

Software support solution for biosafety officers to help manage their Biosafety Program, including the Institutional Biosafety Committee research application review process. More information:

If you have questions or would like additional information on any of these products and services, please contact Bob Foster via email at or via phone at 800-825-5343.

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